Sunday, 26 February 2012

NOTD: Blair on Sea Spray

Hello my dear people! How are you doing? My posting frequency is getting shameful again, isn't it? You know my list of excuses and they are all still very true and real. So I won't bother you with them again, I'd prefer to show you my NOTD, once for a change. I like the combination. When I did the mani I felt it looked awfully familiar, so I thought I must have seen it on a blog somewhere. But I haven't found anything on blogsphere, which surprised me a lot, until I remembered I did a nail polish ring (or rather cabochon only) with this combination! So maybe that's the reason it looks familiar. And lovely, it feels ... soft and springy with a bit of glitter thrown in there. 

Two coats of China Glaze Sea Spray, from last year's Anchors Away collection, one coat of Essence Blair (from twin set Blair & Chuck). Very simple mani, but I love how it turned out. Today I mattefied it, because I like how this kind of glitter looks like mattefied:

Surprisingly there isn't a lot of change, only the silver glitter pops out more, and Sea Spray looks awesome matte. :) I remember someone commenting on my Blair & Chuck post that she likes Blair in just about every combination more than with Chuck. I see what she meant. I like it TONS better on Sea Spray.

What's on your nails today?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Sea Spray is one of my favorite's :)

    And today, I'm wearing LA Splash Golden Seahorse. It's gorgeous :D

  2. How fun! I really like matte with glitter - it just feels so unexpected.

  3. I agree with the lacquered lady - very unexpected! love this combo. I'm wearing china glaze kinetic candy today! Just about to change it though :)

  4. super kombinacija :-D
    a zašto nisi pokazala i prsten :-p

  5. Beautiful! I love the combination of matt polish and glitter!

  6. Pastel, glitter & matte → AWESOME
    I love how this looks on you!