Thursday, 16 February 2012

Deborah Milano Pret A Porter gorgeousness in It's Evergreen and Stardust

Good evening everyone! How are you doing? I'm tired as hell, but really feel like posting. These are long effing days for me, people. Loads of work, loads of stress, add a few douchebags into the mix and you can get the general situation. Maybe that's why I want to post this, blog is always such a nice stress relief. Plus, I really really really wanted to show you It's Evergreen since the moment I wore it. ATM it's not on my nails anymore, but it's one of the biggest crushes I had lately from my untrieds end of the table. It's been sitting there for months, since we've gotten Pret A Porter in Ljubljana. Lame, I know. I noticed then in my Deborah Milano folder the gorgeous Stardust is still waiting to be published, so I'm posting them together. 

First Deborah Milano Pret A Porter It's Evergreen. *dreamy sigh* Isn't this utterly gorgeous? Such a perfection of a green. Bright green, with golden shimmer. I love it so much. Also, the formula is fantastic, the brush is great and it needs only two coats for full opacity. This baby was a really nice surprise.

And Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Stardust. You probably noticed already that I have a thing for foil finish. I just love it. And this baby called for me right from the bin where it was hiding. I love how Ice Queen this feels. Something the evil Queen of Narnia would wear. And it's also so insanely bright. It needs three coats for full opacity, the formula is again wonderful, so is the brush. I love their brush, it's a bit wider. 

So yeah. Two great discoveries from Deborah Milano Pret A Porter series. We were told it's a LE when they came to our stores but I quickly realised it's not an essence type of LE, the shelves/bins were actually refilled and we can still find a lot of shades in Ljubljana. And I always love to find really awesome colours in my local drugstore. These two and Celestial Sky are really a must. 

Which shades form Pret A Porter do you have and like?

Thank you for reading!


  1. they're both gorgeous but i really love that foil!

  2. I love them both! And the name Ice Queen fits so well. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that green is stunning!! I love it so much!

  4. Blue foil?? Wow!! I must have it! :) :)
    Blues and greens look so pretty on you!:)

  5. I've got it! The green I mean, and it's still sitting in my untrieds! I also have Carpe Diem (57) which is a blue to violet to green multichrome, Emerald Bijoux (25) which is another green (almost duochromey) and Yellow Fiz (21). You should check the first two!

  6. Oh that green is so divine! I want it!!!

  7. I just took Carpe Diem [57] off! It's been my first trial with Deborah Pret-a-porter polishes.
    Quite good impression!
    Two coats for deep full coverage, but only one could even be enough.
    I own Rainbow Blazer [07] too, but I still have to try it.
    And I usually look at Stardust in shops, but I'm honest..I'm a little bit afraid of its finish, even if the shade os gorgeous!!

  8. Evegreen hočem na steni v dnevni! <3
    Vključno z zlatim sijajem.

    Jaz imam samo Knock Out Violet, ki sem ga dobila od Hrče. Ampak mi je všeč, da bi vzela še kakšnega, če bi bil dovolj zanimiv odtenek.

  9. Good thing that I already own both. :))) Can't wait for new shades of Deborah minis to hit our stores.