Thursday, 1 March 2012

Black with something extra

Hello my dear people! A big welcome to all my new readers! Forgive me, please, for not replying to your comments in a while now, I really honestly do appreciate and am happy to recieve every single one of them, it's the lack of time that gives me troubles. I wanted to point that out, I don't wish for any of you to think I take comments for granted, because I don't, k? :) 
Today another three. My pictures are piling up and, well, that's always a good reason to keep my posts loaded with different shades. Or would you prefer the standard 'one post one polish' deal I usually do?

Well, I probably mentioned somewhere in the past year and a half that I love black polish. No matter how big and obsessive and true my love for green is, there's something incredibly awesome in black polish I never get tired of. What I love even more are blacks with a twist. Black base with shimmer, glitter, or whatever. Pure love.

Let's start with my favourite of the three, China Glaze Haunting, from Haunting Collection for Halloween 2011. Yes, I may have only two out of this collection, but these two I love. It's Alive is on my favourites list of last year and I'm considering it to be my favourite glitter ever. Haunting just may be my perfect black with a twist. The silver glitter in it positions so great in the formula it looks like a night star on the nails. I was a fan of these type of black glitters since the beginning and I needed a silver one perfect like Haunting is. It needs only two coats, has perfect formula and I seriously loved wearing it. It also allows me to delete another one from WL, since I don't need Orly Goth if I have this beauty.

Next is Kiko 06, that dear Stefanie sent me. This particular beauty is a part of Kiko Frozen LE, a LE I was very sorry to miss, because I saw some great colours in there. The black one, number 06, immediately reminded me of Zoya Raven, but I feared it will leave a frost finish. Luckily it didn't, the silver shimmer fits perfectly with the black base. It's not a dupe of Raven, I gather from online swatches, but I think it just might be close enough for me. Then again, I love Raven for the name itself too, so yeah ... like there is such a thing as too much black polish! Kiko Frozen 06 needs only two coats for full opacity, formula is superb as usually with Kiko. The fine shimmer could get brush-stroky, but you don't need a lot of work for it not to. 

And the third one, layered over Kiko Frozen 06, Orly Androgynie, from Orly Holiday Soireé collection 2011. *sigh* There is so much about this one already said on blogsphere so I'll try to make it short and simple. The obvious turn-on on Androgynie is the bottle, the hexagons glue to the glass, making this baby look ah-mazing. On the nails, not so much. The hexagons are very hard to capture and believe me, I tried. I even laid the bottle so the glitter would slide to one end of the bottle, where I could grab it with the brush. Nada. The thing is ... Androgyine is actually a very nice black with a twist. It's a black jelly with the goldish specks of fine glitter that really pop out and looks awesome. It's the potential that stays in the bottle that makes us all go, i think, a bit 'meh, whatever'. Too bad, since it is a lovely shade. This is all the hexs I could catch in two coats of otherwise good formula.

I even did a silly little video to show you how everything in this soup just loves gravity.

So yeah. I love black polish, yes. It never gets old. How about you? Any of you out there that weren't so much into the hexs in Androgynie and loved it as it is?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I love blacks! Great post!

    And sadly my Androgynie is very stubborn too :/

  2. I liked Androgynie more than I was prepared to, it looks amazing in the bottle but falls a little flat on the nail. I still think it's better than a plain black though. :)

  3. I think that Androgynie looks amazing not only in the bottle, but also on your nails :)

  4. Vsi po vrsti so mi všeč!
    Ampak Haunting me je čisto prevzel. <3

  5. i love Haunting and it paints like a dream

  6. I love black too! these are all very nice.

  7. Gosh I cannot decide which version of black with something extra I like best..... sigh.

    hope you can check out my blog sometime soon too!


  8. LOVE! I really like unique blacks.

  9. I love blacks with something extra! And all three of them look great!

  10. shake like crazy XD orly i cg super izgledaju

  11. I never thought that I would say this but I like the black without the sparkles. It looks beautiful on its own.

  12. Thanks, everyone, for your time and comments! :)