Friday, 23 March 2012

Paket petek

Hey people! How are you doing on this beautiful day? I have another Paket petek for ya, a bit later than planned, I started writing this in the afternoon but then my BF came and we went out for lunch. :)

First package came from Lativa. I got an email few weeks ago about Deborah Milano Pret a Porter It's evergreen, if I can swap for it. The lovely Sanita told me she can get me BeYu 209 (INCI 31) and of course I was more than happy to do a swap with her. What landed in my mailbox left me speechless. A giant package for a little BeYu? Nope, tons more inside!

Beyu 209 with 4 other beauties, Ados topper, that has this awesome shimmer, shifting from gold to green, Wet'n'Wild Cost is no issue, Nail System blue duochrome (yay, another Nail System!) and Hot Topic Birthday, colorful glitter. :) Two yummy chocolates and this package is officially a perfect surprise. Sanita, thank you so SO much for this package! :) Remember, if you ever need another Deborah Milano or any other polish from my neck of the woods, don't hesitate to write. :)

Another package came today. Nihrida was giving away one of her gorgeous ebay buys, a wonderful owl ring, and she decided to send it to me. I always drool all over her choices of jewellery (and make up and nails for that matter), and ever since I lost my favourite ring (a snake, I'm not sure if I ever showed it on blog) I was looking for another to like as much. And this owl ring is right what I wished for. I wore it today and it is *so* awesome.
But not only that! In the same post Nihrida shows one of her many talents with this gorgeous crochet bracelet. I joked in the comment, saying that the black&red one I can resist, but I'd definitively come and steal a green one. And guess what was the first thing I saw in the package. <3 

On this picture I wanted to show the flower, the bracelet, the ring and make the duochrome in polish visible. Cute, Ulmiel, cute. *cynic grin*

Nihrida, thank you so much for this wonderful surprise! I love them both! :)

Oh, as for the flower extra on the pictures - I went out today to take the pictures and this gorgeous softly purple thing with beautiful blossoms was growing on our garden. I was so surprised. It is the first year it grows here and we didn't plant it. Our garden is quite like the garden of the Weasley family (Harry Potter fans, hello!), we have trees, but no flowers that we put there on purpose. And now this gorgeous little being is growing right next to our extremely ugly concrete holder for clothesline. Like nature was bothered by it so much she tried to make it look better a bit. <3 So I said hello today to the lovely creature, I hope it doesn't fade any time soon. Extra photos:

 Don't you just love the lawn mower in the background? Oh, the ugly concrete holder I'm talking about is also here!

Beautiful. <3

Thank you again, ladies! :* 

And what was in the last package you got? :)

Thank you for reading, have a great weekend!


  1. Awesome nail mail!! We have those kinds of flowers growing randomly in our yard too, we never planted them either =) I love the scent of them! Awesome crochet bracelet as well =)

    1. Yes, the scent is lovely too, forgot to mention that! :)

  2. krasni paketići, prsten i narukvica su savršeni *.*
    eto te i priroda počastila zumbulima :-D
    lijepi su iako meni njihov miris smeta (štipalicu na nos) ;-D

  3. Nice nail mail! That owl ring is adorable, btw!

  4. Divne su fotografije! Poklončeki su krasni, divota je kad te neko tako lijepo iznenadi!

    Zumbuli su mi jedno od omiljenih cvjetova!

  5. I'm glad you like it. :)