Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Loads to Celebrate giveaway conclusion and the winner

Hello everyone! I've been MIA, I know. It's holiday season, mix it with studying and you won't have any time left on your hands! I miss blogging a lot, so I hope I'll get back on track soon. I have my heavy exam in the middle of January, but I hope I'll get to you sooner than that. 

Now, I finally went through all your entries for my giveaway, added the extra entries and disqualify the cheaters. I want to thank each and every one of you for entering and for putting comments and suggestions, I appreciate it! So first of all I'd love to address them, I'd appreciate if you'd read them, not only scroll down to see who won. :) 

  1. I'm really happy you so warmly welcomed my travelling and non-varnish posts! Which also reminds me I owe you one more post from my last road trip! I'll try to post with more variety from now on - that is, when I'm back to my regular posting about anything at all.
  2. Someone asked me what the base colour in my giveaway post for the flakies was. It was Essie School of Hard Rocks and here's also my post on that combination.
  3. Yes, Number of The Beast giveaway (that then didn't happen for already mentioned reasons) was based on Iron Maiden Number of the Beast song. I even wanted to make a little joke with extra entry for listening to the song on YT. :D I really liked that idea, too bad it went agley.
  4. Someone asked if I could make my pictures bigger. I'm already doing that, can you tell? Sadly I can't put them larger in the post, since my template doesn't allow that (which reminds me I need to work on the look of the blog too), but when you click on it, it's usually bigger. Is that better, would you prefer them even larger?
  5. I got two requests on nail art, one quite specific, horoscope themed nail art, made me chuckle, I don't know if it was a joke or not, but it was amusing. I'm kinda more on Sheldon's side when it comes to astrology, so I doubt I'll ever make a horoscope themed nail art, but you never know! :) As for nail art in general ... *sigh* I remember I did a NY promise for 2011 that I'll do more nail art, and still I'm down to a minimum. Sure, I've started with stamping, and i love scotch tape art, but I seriously lack the time for nail art, it bugs me, but I can't help it. Lately I lack the time for changing my polish to begin with, let alone to do a nail art. And I really want to try sponging, argh! So I promise, I'll try to post more nail art in 2012 and I take that to my heart, ok?
  6. As for reviews and haul posts, I'm doing that when I have something to post. :) I turned haul posts to 'Paket Petek' label posts, as for reviews, I will post if I find something really awesome. But other than that I consider every post I do a small review of the polish I'm showing - that's why I'm always writing about the formula and all. 
  7. Someone kindly warned me about GFC being removed. I figured that one out after I started my giveaway, that's why I left the condition of being my GFC follower be, but I'm aware that soon I'll gave to make a Google+ site for you guys. If anyone has any helpful advice on how to make the transition easier, let me know in the comments, please!
Thank you again for all your kind words!

All in all I had 144 people entering, that's before I did the extra entries for regular commentators and checked the GFC status. In the end the number was 161 and the lucky number that was randomly picked was 73. Who was hiding under that number?


Congratulations! Since it's NY and a lot of people are not at home, I'm leaving the deadline for getting back to me until January 3rd. If I don't get a reply until then, I'm choosing another winner. 

Thanks to my BF for helping me with the secret ways of Microsoft Excel, making the whole checking deal and choosing a lot easier. :*  
And thank you guys, for simply being here, making my day with your comments, and not giving up on my blog even when I disappear for a while. :) You're the best! 

I'll be away until January 4th, but then I hopefully return with my top 10 of this year, I like the posts other ladies are doing, I hope I find the time for it too. Plus the last post on my road trip!

Have a great great new year 2012, may it be magical, full of health, happiness and joy and of course nail polish! :* 


  1. Prvo, sem res vesela, da si dejansko pregledala vse 'entries' (kako se temu reče po slovensko?), in ne samo preštela ter izbrala zmakovalko, kot to dola večina. :)
    Drugo, sem vesela da si tudi odgovorila na moje vprašanje grede Maidnov in tudi odgovora sem vesela :D
    In še tretje, kar me je razveselilo - TBBT gledaš! :D Jaz obožujem to serijo, Sheldon je zakon. :D In tudi jaz se strinjam z njegovim pogledom na horoskop ;)

    Upam še na čim več super postov v 2012! & srečno novo leto tudi tebi, zdravja, sreče, ljubezni, ter seveda tudi lakcev :)) xx

  2. Congratulations to the winner!
    Hey, I think since you're on blogspot, you'll get to keep your GFC button. I think they're only removing it for non-blogspot sites!

  3. O ja, december je ubijalski za postanje ipd. Ne skrbi, tudi to obdobje bo mimo in mi bomo tukaj. ;)
    Lepo praznovanje ti želim! In srečno, uspešno, lakov polno 2012! :*