Sunday, 4 December 2011

Misa - Hot Couture

Hey people! On my previous post the first comment was about Misa Hot Couture and I realized I haven't shown you this beauty before. BTW, the commentator, as I discovered after clicking her nickname, has an amazing set of nails and amazing set of photos on her blog, The Scholarly Nail. New blog to me, but I fell in love with it yesterday, I recommend checking it out. :)

So, Misa Hot Couture. One of those polishes I get in Kris' packages that surprise me, thinking it's not really a me colour and then I put it on and it's 100% love (also one of the reasons why I call her the expert on "my colours"). But I was immediately drawn to Hot Couture. It's such an unusual colour, I couldn't wait to try it on. It looks amazing on the nails. It feels like a yellowish nude, being yellow enough not to bore me. It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and cosequently of honey and that's why I love this polish even more. Major, major win, Misa.

Hot Couture is a part of Misa Runway collection. I have no idea when it was released, but it's an older one. The Polish Addict says in 2008 that it was released several seasons ago. I didn't even know it existed before I got Hot Couture. Other colours in the collection are classy, but I wouldn't buy them, we've seen too many of those shades already, but Hot Couture is a winner. 
It's a two coater, the application was good, I didn't have any troubles with the polish. I understand this is one of those colours people either love or hate. I adore fugly colours with a bit of edge so it's a great discovery for me. 

How are you with fugly colours? A fan, or do you get, like a lot of people all kinds of more or less repulsive assotiations with the colours? 

Thank you for reading, have a great Sunday evening!


  1. Yes she has a great blog! And I love fugly colors!

  2. Thank you so very much for the shoutout!! <3 <3 <3 And yes, I have major love for fugly colors and this one is right at the top of the list! I can't believe that I don't own this yet, I need to =) It looks fantastic on your skintone, I hope that it looks as good on me!

  3. This is a very interesting shade, I think it looks nice on you :)

  4. na prvi pogled mi je bilo uh koja grozna boja, ali sto vise gledam sve vise bi rado probala kako mi stoji XD

  5. I love fugly colours, although most of them don't love me. The more fugly the better :-)

  6. Fingers, awesome, me too! :)

    Jacqui, hehe, you probably noticed I stalked your blog out yesterday, I really like it! :D

    sarification, thank you dear. :)

    Lendoxia, znam šta misliš, i na noktima je fenomenalna. A mislim, da je vrlo važno kakav podton imaš.

    Tee Dee, yeah, it's very much up to your skintone. Classic Camel looks AWFUL on me, while Trendsetter and Hot Couture love my skintone. Go figure. :)

    Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  7. It's unusual, indeed. But it looks so pretty!

  8. Very nice! I love fugly colours but I agree with you, some just look crazy on me and some don't. If you want to purge Classic Camel just give me a shout, I'd gladly swap for it!

  9. Annie, I love it too. :)

    Simona, I borrowed Classic Camel from a friend, otherwise I'd gladly send it to you. ;)

  10. Na prvi pogled mi barva ni bila všeč, ampak potem si omenila medvedka puja...

  11. MissDoll, hehe, koj rata bolj luškana, ane? :D