Tuesday, 15 March 2011

China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle and nail polish related bday present

Hello darlings! And welcome new darlings! Almost 500 of you here, woo hoo! I had an amazing weekend, just perfect birthday, seriously, I cannot express it with words. Well, I could try, but I don't have the time to write entire night, nor do I want to take away so much of your time. But it was perfect, just a perfect mixture of party, fantasy, singing, chilling out with friends and then having an entire day with my BF at the spa and then dinner and just ... you know, I'm so spoiled I can't even tell you. :)) I won't change this into a Hallmark moment, so lets go to my birthday manicure, before I run out of time for the computer (yes, still busy, my cousin is here with her baby, only three months old :)). --- And I did run out of time for the computer, I wrote this yesterday and now I'm continuing. I wanted to have something special on my nails for my bday, what better to put on then than *the* China Glaze, Emerald Sparkle? Again, one of the lemmings of mine, now killed thanks to a swap with Kris. :) Pictures, sunlight, natural light, and video of crazy sparkle. I'm sure you all have seen this beauty already, but what the hell, its beautiful enough to show it again.


Aaargh, so beautiful!! Do I need to write much about this? You all know it. I think this actually could be the best nail polish China Glaze ever made. Knowing all the gorgeous polish they made, that's a strong statement, I know, but just look at it. According to ALU this baby came out in The China Glaze Sleigh Ride collection for 2008 Holiday, together with Ruby Pumps and Tinsel. For me, naturally, Emerald Sparkle is the queen of this collection. I don't have anything more to say about this one, it's perfect. Short and sweet. And correct. Pure perfection. Oh! Not to mention it lasted 4 entire days of washing dishes by hand, partying every night, three hours of spa (!!) and all the normal activities with only a minor chip on my right index finger. Pretty impressive!

The other thing I'd like to show you is my birthday gift from my boyfriend, since it's nail polish (also Tevta already demanded it in the comments ;)). :) A perfect nail polish too. Although I knew I'll get nail polish and I slightly suspected him to get me Nfu Oh, I did not expect to get six freaking bottles! And the biggest surpise are the base coat and top coat! I'm really happy about base coat, I finally have it! :) Not to mention the brush is so perfect it makes you want to cry. Group picture!

*dreamy sigh* Thank you, dearest. :*
Jette Fromm will at least find this amusing, since I claimed on her blog mere months ago I'm not a Nfu Oh fan. ;) :D I'm playing with flakies already, and am having tons of fun with them! Although I still don't like the bottles much, I like how they don't feel cheap when you hold them, the cap is actually heavy. And the flowers on the front are neat. :) I do find amusing the fact that my first present is a real steel boned corset (so called Victorian corset) - my huge lemming in clothing department - and my second present is corset-shaped nail polish. :D

I think I talked enough for today. Tell me, how have you been, what's on your nails today, what do you think about Emerald Sparkle? Oh, what's your THE colour made by amazing China Glaze?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Beautiful Emerald Sparkle and gorgeous gift! :))

  2. Meni eden lepših zelenih

  3. ES je predivan.. jedan od rijetkih zelenih lakova koje bi poželjela u svojoj kolekciji i naravno da ti predivno nokti izgledaju s njim. :)

    A poklon... nemam riječi. Ostale su mi oči na slici i ne mrdaju, toliko ljepote na jednom mjestu. Predivno. Svaka čast tvom dečku što te je ovako lijepo iznenadio i jedva čekam vidjet slikice.

  4. Love the present!!! Kiss your boyfriend and thank god he knows what nail polish is,unlike most men... :)

    I love Emerald, in fact I love most green colors. My it color is LOL, but you can't get that anymore (unless you want to pay 15$ per bottle plus shipping on ebay)
    I also love Agent lavender and Sea spray

  5. Happy Birthday!!! That green looks really good on you!

  6. I love the green polish! It's so beautiful. I have a few greens (Zoya ivanka, Suvi and Shawn, RBL Recycle, OPI Cuckoo For This Color and Sally Hansen Grass Slippers), but CG Emerald Sparkle seems like a must now! Happy bday again!

  7. Congrats on your amazing Nfu Ohs! What an amazing haul he got you! He's a keeper, if he buys you nail polish, that's for sure! :)

    My favourite from China Glaze?! I can't just pick one! I can try to narrow it down a bit... Sea Spray is def. one of my favourites. I also love DV8, Spellbound, Fortune Teller, and Crushed Candy... Oh, and this one, Emerald sparkle is amazing too!

  8. Your boyfriend did well! Major points! China Glaze really changed my mind about blues when I bought For Audrey. I'm also a huge fan of LOL.

  9. Sounds like a fantastic celebration - Happy Belated Birthday!

  10. lak neću niti komentirati - i ptice na grani znaju koliko ga volim :-D
    a lakići od dragog... joj, koja si ti sretnica!

  11. Tole je pa prvo zeleni lakec v katerega sem se zaljubila, drugi je pa Essence All Acces. Še sreča da imam oba pri sebi, ker drugače verjetno tegale posta še kr en čas nebi zaprla. Super ti pristaja res, komaj čakam da ga spet dam na nohte, in mislim, da bo to kr hitro =).

  12. I very much agree and was just telling someone the same thing the other day ("Emerald Sparkle is the best nail color ever made."). Yep.