Friday, 25 March 2011

Depend 225

Hello darlings! As I'm waiting for my BF to show up so we can go out and enjoy this beautiful day, I'll show you another Depend dear Kaneli sent me all the way from Finland. One of the two greens from new spring collection by Depend, this one is a problem child, tricky and a bit unusual.

You can see why this is a problem child. Because of the amount of fine silver shimmer, this one is very brush-stroky, it dries metallic kinda-matte and well ... it's a goopy mess. It actually dragged from the bottle like a tooth paste! So I'm not very happy with the formula. Although brush is good, as always with Depend, I had troubles dealing with the blasted thing of a varnish. I think this was two coats ... I think I needed three on some fingers, to even it out, but I'm not sure. Later on I added TC, but forgot to take pictures, finish changes a bit, gets glossier, metallic finish fades a bit.
As for the colour - very special polish. I can imagine lots of you are going "eeeww" right now. ;) Tell you the truth, I didn't like it much, although the bright greens are my love, this finish isn't. I didn't hate it, but I think it's one of those colours you really need to be in the mood for. What bothered me the most is that varnish didn't sit on my nails ... it looks like I have fake nails, and that's the look I dislike. That's why I maybe didn't give the right chance to the colour. But I'm sure I won't grab this bottle often nevertheless. 

I tried this one with Lightning Bolt, you'll be the judge of that combination tomorrow. :) What do you think about Depend 225 alone? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I like it,it's look like a matt!Love green :)

  2. ne mogu vjerovat koja je razlika slike na suncu i u sjeni :-)

  3. I like the looks of it a lot--very glowy!

  4. I really like this and I'm a sucker for a cute bottle, like this one. The streaky 2/3 coats thing I understand but hate. :P The things we lacquerheads will go through to have a fabulous mani? lol