Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Misa - Toxic Seduction

Hello darlings! How are you on this wonderful day? I really love sunny days, I'm full of energy and even don't have troubles with getting up (and trust me, that's a big achievement for a sleepy-head such as myself). And I miss having more time for blogging! I used to think it would be an exception, me not posting every day, but I see that the more school work I have, more often it happens I skip a day on blogging. But! I'm thinking of ya. ;) I got today the first Crackle Glaze, the überfantastic Lighting Bolt and I started my day with a cup of coffee with Tevta, so yeah. Lots of studying ahead of me today, but it's a great day nevertheless. But to the nail polish. Have you seen the new BB Couture collection? Kellie (Also Known As...) has them already up on her blog, ladies and gentlemen. I love two in the Gods part and three to four in the Goddess part, so all in all half of the entire collection looks pretty darn good, which makes it for me a strong collection. But then again, it's BB Couture. :)

But on to what I have for you today. It's one of my lemmings, now killed, and I absolutely worship it. THE Misa, called Toxic Seduction, I cannot imagine you haven't seen or heard of it already, but I'm going to show it to you again, since well - it's a lemming killed, and I absolutely worship it.

See the shimmer in it, see it see it?? AWESOME!
Aaand the shimmer on the sunlight, ON FIRE! Because this one just wasn't beautiful enough already.

The pictures are a mixture of direct sunlight, natural light and one of the lightbox, I think. Just to show you that Toxic Seduction is one of the best polishes out there in every situation. This was two coats, extremely easy to work with, I remembered with this one how much I love Misa's brush. Application was more than awesome, and a bit OT - for me Misa's bottle is one of the best shaped bottles out there. Really like the proportions of the square bottles and the thin, long cap. Love it.
Toxic Seduction is a part of Misa's Poisoned Passion Collection for Fall 2008. Extremely strong collection, I'd say, with 5 out of 6 colours I'm dying to have, the last one left out only because I have so many of them already. But basically I love the entire collection. 6 out of 6, people!! I don't remember a collection where I loved all the shades! I just might get the Love Bite (the only one I'd pass on, because I have like 3 or 4 shades in that alley already) so I can have the entire package. Gorgeous, superb job on these, Misa! And Toxic Seducion is for me the star of this collection. What's not to love, anyway? It's stunning, it's green in every light, it's, at least to my eyes, unique, with wonderful application and you get it for more than a decent price. Wow, this sounds like I'm getting payed from Misa, lol. I'm not, as you know, I got this beauty in a swap from wonderful Kris and I can't thank her enough for sending me this one! 

What do you think about Toxic Seduction? Do you have any colours from Poisoned Passion, do you feel it's a strong collection? Oh, what about the new BBs? :) 
Thank you for reading!


  1. This one is on my wishlist for sooo long! Your pictures aren't helping, lol. Must have. ^^

  2. It's been on my wishlist on and off. But then I got OPI Cuckoo For This Color and desided to calm down. Now I think I want it again! :))

  3. O.o Tale šimer... Freaking awesome! *lol*

  4. Kako zeleni lakovi divno pašu na tvoj ton kože, odlično ti ovo stoji :)

  5. Prekrasen zelenko! Se strinjam z Lalico, čudovito ti pristaja. <3

  6. Sexy Sadie & lady_flower123, me too! :)

    AmyGrace & alluring_mum: I'll sound like a bad shopping assistant, but I honestly think Toxic Seduction is worth the money. Also, alluring_mum, Cockoo For This Color is a lot bluer. I can compare them for you, if you want. :)

    Biba, veeem! Res se mi kar zasmeje ko posije sonce nanj. :D

    Lalica, hvala, draga! :) Imam sreču da tako misliš, pošto obožavam zelenu boju. :D

    Meri, hvala za kompliment in komentar, lepo da si se oglasila! :)

    Hvala vsem za komentarje! Thank you all for the comments!

  7. Love that color. Reminds me of ChG Emerald Fitzgerald. From the Poisoned Passion collection I own A Sin Worth Committing-Beautiful!!!! and Fatal Affair-also very pretty. I still want Forbidden Lust. Overall this is collection is worth owning.

  8. One of my favorite colors and it looks great on you! That entire collection rocked!

  9. Wow, freakin' gorgeous! Kraljevsko lep je.

  10. ovu bojicu sam već zamirila... fantastična je :-D

  11. For Me,It Works... thank you for commeting, and welcome to my blog! Yes, it's an unbelievably strong collection, I must get them!

    Kris, thanks dear! :) And I agree! Hope to see another one as strong by Misa. :)

    Nina, res je, prečudovit. :)

    nail crazy, jel da? Sad stvarno neznam, šta da stavim za ovaj vikend na nokte, Toxic Seduction ili Emerald Sparkled ...

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!