Monday, 28 March 2011

Red comparison week - 1st day: brighter reds: 4

Hello guys! How are you doing? Today we start with our Red comparison week! I hope you'll enjoy it or at least find it useful!
First to explain a few things - although I don't mind finding dupes (especially if it's a cheap dupe for an expensive/discontinued colour), this was not a dupe hunting comparison trip. Meaning, I know some of these are far far off, also by the bottles, but as I divided them into groups, they seemed they have a similar idea in the colour, shimmer or finish. 
Second of all - there will probably be 8 days of comparison. Probably. As I go through the bottle count, I find new and new groups. I must stop at some point, or I'll do this for a month, hehe. Also, this big comparison is a mixture of my and Tevta's reds, just to let you know. My stash of reds is rich, but not that rich! ;) 

As I compared them, I noticed that with reds bottles can really be decieving. They look dark, but are really brighter on the nails - so you'll see some of the colours compared multiple times, as I discovered comparing them they belog to a different group. The point of the red comparison week is for me and for you to decide, which reds do we need still and if some of them are close enough to each other to cut them from the WLs. All in all, I hope you'll discover some new beauties with it too. :) 

First one is brighter reds. 3 O.P.I.s, one Lumene. Pictures first.

 They seem a lot closer in soft light, still, the main difference in brightness of colours remains. 

My Kind Of Brown 2005 O.P.I. Chicago Collection.
Little Red Wagon 2008 O.P.I. Holiday In Toyland Collection.
20 Candles On My Cake originally 2001 O.P.I. World Collection, now in O.P.I. classics range.
Lumene 80 - no bloody idea. I don't think they do collections, but it's a part of Quick & Chic range.

My Kind Of Brown is a black label O.P.I., so it's not a B3F polish, all the other OPI are. Lumene says on the bottle "no formaldehyde" only, and it smells bad too, so the other two are probably in there.

Brush: I like the OPI pro wide and the old brush, they didn't give me any trouble whatsoever. My kind of brown is runnier due to its formula, but nothing big. Lumene has the worst bursh I've seen in my life. I trully hope it's an accident, because this was an effing Barbie broom, you can see my application is a horror.

Coats: Little Red Wagon can be a one coater, if you don't mind a bit of VNL, other O.P.I.s are two coaters. Lumene needed four, just because the brush wiped the polish off with every stroke.

Dupability: As you can see, no dupes. 20 candles on my cake and Lumene 80 seem to be the closest, but Lumene is a bit darker, has a little bit more brown in the colour and the brush is an effing abomination. I really love the three O.P.I.s, I wouldn't mind having all three of them. Naturally only Lumene is mine. :P I think you can have all 4 of them without worrying that the colours are too close. For me, they're totally different. They seem closer in the bottles though. 

If you have any other suggestions what should I keep an eye on with these comparisons and any additional questions about these 4, let me know, please! Do share your thoughts about the first comparison. :) What do you think, need them all or ney? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Very enjoyable post. Some great reds - none of which I have. Your nails look great too.

  2. Zelo zanimiva primerjava. Res so čisto različni odtenki. V bistvu bi se Little Red Dragonu lahko odpovedala, ker se mi zdi precej tipična rdeča (vsaj po fotki sodeč), ostale 3 bi pa imela.

  3. Lumene je menda tudi B3F - in ne, nimajo serij, samo sezonske kolekcije.

  4. mali crveni vagon mi se čini najprimamljiviji :-D

  5. jaljen - thank you!

    Taya, meni je pa LRW super, mroda ravno zato, ker takih rdečih še nimam. :)

    alluring_mum, I agree!

    kaneli, aha, super, hvala za info!

    nail crazy, meni isto. :) Ali i 20 candles on my cake izgleda fenomenalno. :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!

  6. O, super, to bo nekaj za mene! Užitek mi je gledat vse te čudovite rdečkote :D