Saturday, 19 March 2011

China Glaze - C-c-courage

Hey darlings! How are you doing? Today I have for you another one from the swap with Kris, another China Glaze, and of course an awesome colour. But before we get to the varnish, I'd like to point out a blog that is beyond awesome and also very very useful. It's call Beauty and the Bullshit and the author, Rowena, is someone who used to work in the source, people! She knows the dirty secrets of cosmetics companies and is willing to share! But not only that, she wraps the info that she gives to us into blunt, straightforward, full of sharp sarcastic tones posts that make me laugh out loud or at least put me in a hell of a good mood. I really recommend reading it, not only it's fun but you also learn a lot about the way they make you shop for products and which lies to avoid! Few days ago she did an incredibly infomative post about Eye pencils that I want to give her an award for, I'm a huge fan of Eye pencils, thus this was an eye opener. Awesome!

But to the China Glaze!

 Sparkle check photo.

I'm sure you all know this one. C-c-courage is a part of Wizard of Ohh Ahz Collection for Holidays 2009, the collection that held Ruby Pumps (although it's been out before), and Dorothy Who?, one of the most gorgeous blues out there. And C-c-courage, of course! A very nice medium purple with silver and purple specks of micro glitter, a very gorgeous colour! 
C-c-courage needs two coats to be opaque and I regret not putting 2 coats of TC on too, as with only one it's still kinda rough. Glitter, what can you do. It's really easy to work with, and very very lovely. I'm kinda over my purple obsession and am kinda sick of dark purples, this one, being bright, really suited my mood. I apologize for not so perfect pictures, the weather wasn't good at all when I first shot this one, lightbox made the polish look too blue and when I did the video I already had to run to catch my bus for classes. But still, I'm sure you already saw this one before and I'm sure you all know how awesome it is!

What do you think about C-c-courage?

Thank you for reading!


  1. C-c-courage is b-b-beautiful :)

  2. i really like this shade!! i always find blurples hard to photograph but you did a good job capturing the colour and the sparkle! Good ol' china glaze rarely get it wrong!
    love from a new follower!
    emily @emilysnailfiles xx

  3. That's a great color... it's one of my favorite purple sparklies. This collection did quite well with those! ... And thanks for the blog recommendation! I like it :)

  4. gorgeous color, I love all things purple :)
    and thank you for the blog recommendation, I followed :)

  5. Like the sparkles. Very interesting finish :))

  6. Lendoxia, haha, s-s-slažem s-s-e! :D

    LemonyEmily, thank you and welcome to my blog! I already checked your blog, and it's fantastic, so yay, thanks dropping by! :)

    Definiely Addicted & Abignail, thank you, and it was my pleasure, I really love Rowena's blog. :)

    Little Butterfuly, me too!

    alluring_mum, yes, it is an interesting one, isn't it? I'm having hard time defining it, but Temptaila said it's frost. Which is interesting, because I usually don't like frost finish. :S

    Thank you all for your comments and time!

  7. Jooj, ta lak je res zelo lepi, je že na moji WL, samo dopisat ga je še treba. Zaj pa lahko samo upam še na pirajzno swaperko, ki mi ga bo poslala =)

  8. thank you, thank you for the blog mention!

  9. Hehe, colorfulbottle, yeah, k sreči ga ni pretežko najti. :)

    Rowena, you're very welcome, thank you for writing such an awesome blog!