Thursday, 17 March 2011

Depend 228

Hello darlings! How are you doing? I'm tired a bit, had a psycho dream. o.O But got flowers and another wonderful present today! Flowers make my room much more beautiful, I love them. I'm craving spring, every sun ray makes my day, really. Right now I'm thinking about which green to put on my nails. It's the greenest day of the year, I have to have something green on my nails, don't you think? :) I think I got it ... :) But I'll post a blue one on my blog today. Already a few days old, but gorrrrgeous!! Major thanks to Kaneli for getting them for me! *muah* Depends, baby! The new spring ones, wiiii! 

 The awesome silver shimmer!

 Direct sunlight

 In a very soft light the shimmer is even more obvious, it's almost like a micro glitter.

I'm sorry for the state of my cuticles on these pictures. It's when my index and middle finger cuticle hit rock bottom. I had two paper cuts directly on them and the cold weather hurt them to the point that even Badger needed a couple of days to fix it. 
Other than that I adore this colour. It's so playful and just ... it makes me smile just looking at it. Happy colour. The application is tricky though. Very goopy, I needed three coats just to get it even, it just wouldn't spread. I guess shimmery Depends are like this, take it or leave it. I think the colour is worth the trouble. But TC is a must, a fast drying one I mean, otherwise you won't get that thickness to dry up to say your life. 

But I love Depend still. Look at this colour! So awesome. And the brush is nice, and with 5 ml it's a very 'polish-junkies' appropriate varnish. ;) I knew I had to gave a few of the new spring colours by Depend when I saw them at Alizarine Claws. They looked so springy and playful. :) And I do love 228. :) 

And yes, this does look amazing with crackle! More about that tomorrow!

Do you like the 228?

Thank you for reading!


  1. This is such a gorgeous color. It reminds me of China Glaze Caribbean Blue a little bit.

  2. What a beautiful shade! I love it :)

  3. prekrasna boja, steta sto se malo pristojnije ne ponasa :)

  4. krasna bojica :-D
    ali ti da si preskočila zelenu manikuru za sv. patrika, baš svašta

  5. I love that color and it looks so pretty on you :)

  6. Thanks darlings. :) I love it to, despite it being a bit of a diva. :D

  7. Predivno.. savršena svijetlo plava.
    Ajme kako mi se wish lista povećeva i povećava..

  8. Lalica, nećemo o WL, moja je več luda ... stvarno. Ova na blogu nije potpuna i ova je luda.

  9. Čudovit je, brez in z belim crackle lakom. Mislim da takšnega laka še nimam v zbirki, bom morala nekje najti dostopnejšo zamenjavo =).