Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Comparison: O.P.I. Glacier Bay Blues vs. O.P.I. Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

Hello darlings! Over 500 of you here, wow!! Welcome, everybody! I'm sorry but today I'll be really really short, no time! One of you darlings asked for a comparison between the OPIs and you know I love when you give me stuff to compare and post. So if you have any requests, let me know! I was lucky enough to get sun with this one, I did it two days ago, so the pics are cool. I'm really proud of how great Glacier Bay Blues looks on these, actually. I captured the duochrome play of colours pretty well. More talking after the pictures.

 This is the look of Glacier Bay Blues that makes me go crrrazy!

 Both up and below are in softer natural light.

A bit heavy on the pictures, but it's a comparison, so why not. From the pictures the differences of both varnish are quite obvious. Yoga-ta get this blue! is blue shimmer (I feel like I made a great mistake with comparison of Depend 204 with all the rest, it acutally seems that it's a dupe of YGTB), while Glacier Bay Blues is a purple-green-blue multichrome, that feels a bit frosty. 
GBB is a part of 2004 Canadian Collection, YGTB a part of 2008 India Collection, both O.P.I..

GBB is not a B3F polish, which shows in the formula, it's runnier, also it has a stronger smell, while YGTB is B3F and thus thicker.

GBB needs three coats, while YGTB two for 100% coverage. YGTB is extremely well pigmented, but I think both need three and two coats. Now, I have one extra on every colour on the photos. Why? I want the colour to be completely perfect on my nails when I'm doing comparisons, especially when I'm doing a requested one. No fauls, no bolds spots, I put one on extra, just to be sure nothing will show when I take shots with my camera. But three of GBB and two of YGTB look the same.

GBB has the thin brush while YGTB the pro wide one. But they both act really nicely, I had no problems with application on either of them. They also both dry reasonably fast. 

Hm ... anything else? If you have an additional question, ask away! They are, in my humble opinion, completely different colours. I love both colours, but my favourite is without a doubt Glacier Bay Blues. This baby is perfect! But both are stunning and colours of O.P.I. that I'd love to have in my collection. Thanks to Kirs, GBB already is a part of my collection, yay! Big thanks to Tevta for letting me play with her part of Lativa swap, where YGTB came from. :) 

Again, any other requests or any additional questions on this comparison, just say the word. :) Dear reader, who asked for the comparison, I hope you like it!

What do you think guys, which one did steal your heart? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. glacier bay blues izgleda fenomenalno!!!
    moram priznati da mi je ovo prvi susret s ovim ljepotanom, inaće bih ga definitivno bila zapamtila :-D

  2. I'm so glad I picked up GBB in a swap. I love a good duochrome. Thanks for the great comparison.

  3. awesome comparison, and that duochrome is MONEY!

  4. GBB rocks! I love this color!

  5. Thank you for the comparison! I think I need GBB too now :) they're both gorgeous. I picked up it's sheer luck today at a beauty salon, and it's amazing! It's also a black label, but it shouldn't be too hard to find online I think. Thanks again, dear!

  6. nail crazy, nije, isto si mi napisala kad sam objavila manikuro sa GBB: ;)

    Lacquer Ware, glad to do it!

    loodie loodie loodie (lol) - it sure damn is!

    Jackie S. me too!

    Anonymous, I'm glad you like it, it was my pleasure. :)

    for the love of beauty by lara, yes, it's a gorgeous blue.

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

  7. u pravu si... godine su tu :-p