Monday, 21 March 2011

Nfu Oh 49 (over O.P.I. DS Tapestery + accent mani)

Hey guys! I have no idea how to form a title for this one, as I do have layering with Nfu Oh, accent mani and then also black crackle over one nail. :) So it's a lot of variation. I saw new promo pics on nail blogsphere today of new Zoya collections. Have you seen it? Doesn't it look awesome? Mattes and the two summer collections. I really love Zoyas uniqueness when it comes to their colours, they refuse to follow other brands. They look pretty awesome. I totally want green and blue matte! Which reminds me I still need to get red, black, silver and purple one. Lol. Wow! Good luck with that, eh? Maybe I'll do major matte haul when the new ones come out. U, also promo pics from Orly look good! Pin Up and Happy Go Lucky are the collections, I think. I like the green and purple glitter most, we'll see how the swatches will turn out. :) But to todays mani!

 Up and below I did quick shots of combination with p2 black crackle, just to see how it works out. And I really love it! I'll probably do a full one like this soon. Mind you, this was taken after 4 days of wearing! I'm noticing tip wear is down to a minimum with Nfu Oh base coat, usually I had this kind of tip wear after a day or two.

Ok, so, this was 1 coat of Nfu Oh Base Coat, 2 coats of O.P.I. DS Tapestery, one coat of Nfu Oh 49 and then SV. On my ring finger insted of Tapestery BeYu 306.

When I first applied it, I thought I made a mistake, as 49 and Tapestery are pretty close. But I really started to love it after a while. I wore it for 5 days, so yeah, you could say I pretty much loved the combination. :) It looks awesome on direct sunlight, since Tapestery is a holo varnish, and flakies really explode on the sunlight. I think all in all it's a good combination, I loved it especially as a base for crackle. But the one I really must do as a full mani is with BeYu 306 or any other kind of dark red. Flakies really come alive on dark base. 

I think that's just a bout it. Any other questions? And ideas for a combination? Thoughts on new Zoya and Orly collections? :) 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Čudovita kombinacija! Krpice so res zakon =). Zaj pa morem res po Viso Electron, potem morem pa samo še eno veliko premoženje našparat =).

    Tele nove zoye so videti kar zanimive, komaj čakam na kake swatcke. Ampak to mi je pa res zelo všeč, da si zoya ni omislila crackle lakov, ker jih je res že praveč na trgu =). Svaka jim čast!

  2. Amazing!!
    I really love it!
    The colors fit so good together!!!

  3. Vau! Zelo zanimiva kombinacija, ki takoj pritegne pogled! :)

  4. Amazing!Those colours are perfect together :) And I also like the crackle, even if I'm not a big fan of it!
    Have a nice day ;)

  5. It looks beautiful, I especially love the accent part :)

    I'm slowly turning into the accent-mani freak :D
    I'm wearing Run Forest Run, and when I saw your photos, I had to put my flakies on my ring finger :)

  6. Colorfulbottle, hehe, jaz se kar bojim imeto lastno Viso, verjetno bi morala ledvico prodat za vse račune ki bi jih nabila. :D Sicer pa po swatchih sodeč Zoya spet rula. Sicer mi je všeč le moder mat, v standardni kolekciji, oz. dveh kolekcijah pa so mi všeč 4 barve, ampak te so pa res noro dobre! Res rabim Zoyjice, premalo jih imam.

    rock-or-not, thank you! :)

    Biba, ja, res je, sem dobila tudi komplimetne, tako da je kar uspešna. :D

    Elsa P. thanks, and welcome to my blog! :)

    Abigail, hehe, I already amm an accent-mani freak, it's the mani i most often wear, I just can't get sick of it. :D

    Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!