Thursday, 31 March 2011

Red comparison week - 4th day: two on two comparison

Hey guys. A really fast one, because I have literally no time at all. This time two groups, because they were a couple comparison and the only two, so I did them at once.

Wine Me & Dine Me, 2007 O.P.I. Holiday in Hollywood Collection.
Romeo & Joliet, 1997 O.P.I. Route 66 Collection for Fall. Since mine is already B3F I'm guessing it went to the classics range - or the data on the net is wrong.
Bing Cherry is a part of China Glaze core collection. 
Kangarooby, 2007 O.P.I. Australia Collection.

Except Bing Cherry all O.P.I.s I have are B3F. I suspect, if Bing Cherry has become a part of the core collection, it's also already made with the new formula, the bottle I used for comparison is really really old, it still has the old handle of China Glaze.

Brush: as ever, O.P.I. pro wide brush is to my liking, no complaints, China Glaze, even an oldie, perfection, as always.

Coats: All of them are two coaters. They apply like magic, I had no troubles at all. Well, it's China Glaze and O.P.I., what did you expect?

Dupability: No dupes. I kicked in the dark with Bing Cherry and Kangarooby the most, OPI is really darker. Besides, Bing Cherry has this mini, really subtile, white shimmer, that makes this polish SO amazing! I really fell in love with Bing Cherry, it's such a cute colour. As for Romeo & Joliet and Wine Me & Dine Me it is quite obvious they are made the same way, once can actually say they are similar. R&J is more brown though. But they are related. And gorgeous too, come on, how can you choose between the two? R&J is mine, but hell, I'll need Wine Me & Dine Me too, I think. :) All four of them are gorgeous, and so different, I wouldn't mind having the other two too. Oh well. 

What do you think about two on two comparison? Like any of them?

Thank you for reading!


  1. romeo i julija su mi njami njami :-D
    naravno da mi se sviđaju ove usporedbe,samo ti nastavi, ma možeš i dva po dva ;-)

  2. R&J is my favorite of these four--or maybe I'm just telling myself that because it's the only one of the four that I own. :)

  3. Nail crazy, I meni. <3 Jedan od mojih najomlijenih OPIja. :D

    KarenD, hehe, guess we all three have the same taste. :D

  4. Joooj, kakšni lepotci... *sigh*

  5. Biba, ja, tile so tudi meni čisto vsi všeč. *dreamy sigh* Preveč je lepih lakov. :D