Friday, 4 March 2011

Seven Decks Below mani

Hello darlings! And welcome, new people! :) Glad you find my blog interesting enough to spend your time here!
I'm sorry for going MIA on you all of the sudden, my absence from ze mighty internet was not planned and impossible to avoid. And two days of break from me cannot be so bad. ;) Today I have another one from the MLB swap package. I cannot resist them. Although I showed you China Glaze VII already, even did a comparison with Boris & Natasha, I want to show yout the scotch tape art I did with it and Below Deck (hence the name of my todays post). Guys, I'm really worried about my Below Deck bottle. I'm starting to think about a back up bottle of polish for the first time. I don't do back ups, because, let's face it - nail polish junkies don't empty polish bottles. But Below deck has larger dent in the bottle than most of my polish. And I have it for about a month! o.O 

Anyway, to the mani! It was on my nails till mere hours ago.

Please excuse my screwed up middle finger, again. I have no idea why the cuticle around that finger is so easily hurt. :S I don't skip it when I put my cuticle balm on my fingers, I swear! 

China Glaze VII is a part of China Glaze X Collection, released for ChG's 10th anniversary in 2007. I find three colours in the collection nice, but VII is a must. It has the B3F syndrome, but I don't care, really. It's pure perfection. Two coater, it dries extremely fast, I'm not using TC on the pictures! It's the purple that doesn't go black, awesome, people!
On my accent ring finger I have Below Deck and the stripes are inspired by amazing Erika (have you seen how awesome Nubar Verde looks on that lady? Man!!!) and her Chloe's Nails. I wanted the same feeling with this one as I did with Jacques' Below Deck, Captain! mani. Sophisticated, yet interesting. I love the result, really.

What do you think about Seven Decks Below? And what's on your nails today? :)

Thank you for reading and following!


  1. I agree, China Glaze VII is a must :)) orgeous color!
    I wear Zoya Caitlin today.

  2. Nice scotch tape work! :)

    This is the first time I actually noticed VII, otherwise I was always very "meh" about it. Now I will be on the look out for it!

  3. Seven Decks Below is gorgeous! I love these two colours together, and your striped accent looks great. It's such a neat way to have a little fun and wear more than one colour :)

    As of right now, I'm wearing H&M Hunt Me Down (khaki creme), but I'm thinking of changing it or at least spice it up with some decoration :)

  4. elegantna manikura, možeš i na bal s njom :-D

  5. stunning ! love the combination, it's so classy.
    wearing essence black out from black and white collection with mixed konads in white on various nails.

  6. Gorgeous!
    Wearing Zoya Valerie, but ready for a change...probably something shimmery and blue.

  7. Zelo lepa kombinacija!
    Ohja, back up-i... imam jih nekaj, a resnično ne vem, zakaj. LOL

  8. Thank you everybody! Sorry for the late reply on comments, I don't have much time, as you probably noticed, hehe. I'm glad you liked the mani, and thanks for sharing what's on your nails! :)