Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Red comparison week - 2nd day: dark wine/blood reds: 4

Hey people! How are you doing? I'm great, just discovered perfect crackle combination, woohoo! Depend rocks, it's official. Now, you may be thinking blood and wine red are a bit far off for a comparison. And you're right. They are. But, as it happens, these 4 bottles got me thinking they're all wine reds. Nope! Come to think of it, I'll probably need to use half of them with my blood reds also. I have this feeling those two mix when you look at the bottles. We'll see. I'm glad I have half ot these already done, because I'm running out of time like crazy! So lets go to the pictures. Please excuse my cuticle state, I'm not happy with it at all. Oh, and about poor application with Essence - I blame the brush, thankyouverymuch. ;)

I don't think these came out in collections at all, except Thirsty! of course, being a part of last years Essence LE Eclipse Twilight Saga Collection.

When it comes to B3F question, I can only tell you what you already know - RBL does not contain any of the harmful ingredients, and as for the others only what I can smell - they all smell like good ol' ancient bottle of polish - RBL, on other hand has one of my favourite smells of polish. It acutally smells like paint. I'm a bit surprised by the bad smell of other three, as BeYu is an expensive brand, but I couldn't find any info online (or official site of BeYu, for that matter).

Brush: I love Rescue Beauty Lounge brush. I never have a problem with them although Atame was a bit uneven. When it comes to both Essence, you can already see by my application I really dislike the brush. This comparison was actually my first try of Multi Dimension Essence line and the Eclipse one. I've already read about Multi Dimension bad brush, so I kinda expected it. It wasn't the worst I tried though. BeYu - nothing to complain about.

Coats: With the exception of Late At Night all needed 3 coats, LAN 2. They are nicely pigmented, just really uneven. I think Thirsty! could use the fourth one, since it's still a bit uneven. Since three coats are due to uneveness of my application, not pigmentation, you can count on 2 with smaller nails or indeed a better application. Especially Atame is gorgeously pigmented, like most of RBL.

Dupability: Oh yes! Two on two, baby! The much wanted Thirsty! from Eclipse collection is a dupe of an old Essence Late At Night - I can't see it on their page anymore, so it's possible that it's already discontinued too. 
RBL Atame has a dupe in BeYu 306. Funny thing is, I compared BeYu more than a year ago with few other reds ... it was a beginning of my swatching career and the pictures are so awful, I won't show them to you, but I can 100% guarantee that BeYu 306 is a 100% dupe of ArtDeco 42 (too old to be a B3F) and Jessica Midday Rendezvous (B3F). So a chain: RBL Atame = BeYu 306 = ArtDeco 42 = Jessica Midday Rendezvous. I'm not sure how much that helps, since they're all pretty expensive though ... hope it does! 

I'm sure one or the other will show up in other comparisons too, as I mixed them wrongly. If you have any comparison requests, let me know! I love both the colours, so I'm really glad I have one of each. :)

Do you have any of the four, or rather, 6, with all the added dupes? :) 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I like this red comparison week! I think it's soooo much fun to see all these different shades of red :) Or it could just be that I really enjoy everything themed ^^

  2. i meni su usporedbe napete :-D
    krasni lakići, svi do jednog ;-)

  3. I don't wear reds often, but I love deep dark reds, so I'm a fan of all of the above. Personal fave is Chanel Rouge Noir, OPI Royal Rajah Ruby and OPI Mrs O'Leary's BBQ, though they are all quite dark.

  4. They look amazing on you!!! Vampy reds suit your skintone perfectly...

  5. Annie, thanks, glad you like it!

    nail crazy, znam, ovi su super, al u stvari samo dvije boje. Ali oboje prelijepe. :D

    Jaztee, thanks for sharing! :) Yes, RRR is gorgeous, but it's so dark it didnt' fit in any of the groups. Maybe I should do a vampy dark shimmer one too ...

    FashinPolish, thank you so much! :) I love them as much as they love me. :D

    Thank you all for your comments!