Thursday, 24 March 2011

Giveaway with 7 winners by Varnish Vixen!

Hey guys! As you probably noticed, I stopped posting about giveaways a while ago. I put them on my sidebar, or if that isn't an option, just lose an entry, since there are just too many giveaways out there and I would swamp my blog into giveaways-only blog and I don't want that. But every once in a while a really big, crazy giveaway happens, and I just have to let you know about it! And yes, get an extra entry, dude, I want these! ;) 
Varnish Vixen prepared a Yay! Spring Giveaway! She included 7 different sets of polish, they include Katy Perry Collection by O.P.I., Illamasqua's Scorn, RBL Insouciant, the MAC Wonder Woman nail polish duo (!) aaand holografic polishes from China Glaze (DV8, LOL and two more!) aaaaaaaaaaaand three BB Coutures!! OMG. Can we make a deal, don't choose BBs, so I'll get them? LOL Just kidding. ;) But seriously, getting any of them would be totally awesome. Oh, one more! Giant grab bag with 19 (!) polishes, including Deborah Lippman, Milani, RBL, Butter London, O.P.I. etc. 

Crazy, eh? Varnish Vixen, dear, you're awesome, it's a fact. The pictures are great, I'll post just one, go and sign up for the giveaway and see the rest of them!

Good luck, darlings! :*

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  1. OMG, thank you for posting that, I would never be in if you didn't post that!!!