Friday, 18 March 2011

Crackle Glaze Lightning Bolt over Depend 228

Hello! How are you on this gloomy day? I'm sleepy, but good. Am of course having my forbidden second cup of coffee as I'm writing this (I'll ignore the cup of black tea I had earlier making it even more forbidden) but as the weather is of the type that always makes me sleepy and lazy, I think I need the caffeine kick. Anyway. Yesterday I told you Depend 228 is an excellent base for a crackling. I got my first Crackle Glaze, luckily it's the one I was most impressed by when looking at the swatches, the white Lightning Bolt really looked totally awesome. 

I didn't want to remove this off my nails. It was so gorgeous and spring like. As you can se I played with thickness of coats a bit, my index and little finger have rather thin one while middle and ring a thicker coat. I prefer the cracks of thicker coats, so you can expect that sort of crackling on my manis. 
As you aaaall know, Lightning Bolt is a part of Crackle Glaze collection for Spring 2011, I guess. I think it's the best colour in there too. Very awesome. I also love the way it crackles. I put top coat on for the mani to last longer. Hm, not sure if I have anything more to add ... of course it's a one coat, and crackles aren't really hard to work with in general, I'd say ...

What do you think about the combination? Did you get any of the Crackle Glaze and what's your favourite combination? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. I think I like the crackle with the thick coats!

  2. This manicure is fresh and neat! Very cool!!!!

    I like the thicker coats :)

  3. super kombinacija, sad mi je žao što sam uzela samo crni crackle, a vuče me i crushed candy :-D

  4. Wow this looks really great! We can only get the black crackle (BarryM version) Here in the u.K!! Wish they had more colours!!

  5. Odlična kombinacija, jako jakoooooooo mi se sviđa :)

  6. Super kombinacija!

    Od ChG imam samo sivi crackle lak, si pa še želim kakšnega :P

  7. Rachel Marie, me too!

    Jackie S. I agree, I loved the freshness of it. :)

    Nail crazy, pošto sam dobila crnog od p2, i ja ću uzet samo još crushed candy, sivi me razočarao.

    PinkSweetSz, I'm sure you'll get more colours, all the companies are going crazy! Models Own is getting a few colorful crackles, and it's from the UK, so you can grab those! :)

    LAlica, hvala, srce. :)

    Biba, hvala! Mene je pa ravno sivi razočaral, skoraj v nobeni kombinaciji mi ni všeč. :/ Začuda mi je beli najbolj všeč. :D Ah, kaj hočemo. :D

    Hvala vsem za komentarje! Thank you for the comments!

  8. Tile crackle laki se mi sploh ne dopadejo preveč, še posebej barvni, ker se mi zdi, da nikoli nebi našla lebe barvne kombinacije, ampak tale kombinacija mi je pa res čudovita, se mi bodo zaradi takih manikur še crackle lakci zadopadli =).