Friday, 1 April 2011

Red comparison week - 5th day: blue/purple undertone aka burgundy: 4

Hey darlings! Todays group of reds was formed due to their quite obvious blue undertone, that with one got so strong it was already purplish red. Also this comparison gave me by far the most trouble. As you'll, I'm very sorry to say, see in the pictures too. I will show them nevertheless, because it's a comparison post and even the too dark lightbox pictures can show the differences in the shades, although the shade itself is too dark. I've written on the pictures also the amount of coats, just to get the stuff more clear, as the shades and the application on the pictures differ a lot.

FYI - the uneveness of two coats was visible only in lightbox, "normal" everyday light didn't show them.

Kangarooby, 2007 O.P.I. Australia Collection.
Malaga Wine, classic O.P.I. collection
Henrietta Street, Nails Inc. official site doesn't have it under a specific collection.
Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ, 2005 O.P.I. Chicago Collection.

All three O.P.I.s are green labels, so B3F, which is funny, since My Kind Of Brown that's also from Chicago Collection was a black label - I guess Tevta bought BBQ later on. I'm lost in the dark about nails inc. I have this feeling they're not B3F, as they are not telling they are on their website (and usually brands that are b3f do say so), and the polish smells kinda funny - but not as usually the black label OPIs do. So maybe they contain only one bad ingredient or something? Thing is, this could be an old bottle and thus still with the old formula, they just might be doing b3f formula now. If anyone knows, let me know, please.

Brush: all 4 have nice brush, OPI of course the pro wide one, Nails Inc a normal one  (it's not too thin) and I'd say it's an oval shape. It's my first encounter with nails inc. so I was curious about it, it behaved very nicely. 

Coats: All are two coater, with Malaga Wine actually being 1 coater if you don't mind VNL. Now, as you can see, in the lighbox it seemed like 2 coats leave uneven surface, but that's my cameras fault. It wasn't visible in normal lightning, proof are my natural pictures, also taken with two coats of each. I took the three coats shot only because I was bothered with the patches so much, but it's also a proof of how buildable the first three reds are - with three coats they looked much much darker. Still not as dark as BBQ though.

Dupability: Here I'd like to say a few things. First, I have no effing idea why my lighbox darkened the colours so much. It's the first time this happened, and I've compared quite a few reds this week! Actually Gejba made me feel a bit better (without her knowing it) with her last post, when I saw it's not just my lightbox going nuts. :D I'm sure you have at least one of the brighter ones to know the natural light shows the real colours. Lightbox shows though, that Kangarooby is a bit lighter than Malaga Wine and Henrietta Street, although it seems like all three are dupes. I'd dare say Malaga Wine and Henrietta Street are dupes, and Kangarooby is close enough you don't need it if you have any other, or vice versa, of course. At least I won't be buying Malaga Wine nor Henrietta Street, since Kangarooby is mine. BBQ is of course much darker and I knew it would be. But it seemd red enough to be in the comparison. :) 

Well, I think that's just about it. If you have any suggestions, let me know! What do you think about these four?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I love your comparisons!! Do you have OPI Can You Tapas This? Its kind of like those above but lighter than the BBQ one. I was surprised at how much I loved it after it took me forever to decide to finally try it. I love these shades that are like dark red but not dark enough to look black!

  2. shimmerspark, thank you and welcome to my blog. :) No, sadly Can you tapas this? is still only on my WL, but I know that it's a gorgeous colour. :)