Saturday, 16 April 2011

Brucci - TJ's Blue Suede Shoes with Nfu Oh accent

Well, hello everyone on this moody Saturday. I have my lunch break and am having my ultra forbbiden third cup of coffee, so lets get down to business with a gorgeous dark blue, another one from Brucci, brand that is 100% on my radar from now on.

Well, you know this blue beauty just called for a Nfu Oh the next day ...

To quote Frankie after she found all Bloo's copied imaginary friends rehearsing the Ice Sharade theme song: Holy-whack-a-moley! I loooove this blue, seriously! So gorgeous, such depht, argh, perfection! It reminded me totally of Depend 204, the only Depend on my WL that I don't have, and I think I'll cut it out now, since they seem, looking at my pictures at least, close enough that I don't need them both. 
I'm still a sucker for these kind of colours, I realize that basically every time I put colour as this on my nails. I'm already almost sure the blackened colours are passé for me and that I'm already in the "the birghter the better" mood (especially since I'm craving Papaya Punch by China Glaze, and just a few months ago that would be as impossible as getting Clarins 230 for a dollar), but then I put dark blue, dark green or just black on my nails and I'm home, baby. 

This was three coats, I'm rather sure of that, because it didn't even out. What suprised me, because I didn't encounter that before with Bruccis, was the smell. This baby smelled so badly my eyes actually watered while applying it, and no I'm not kidding or exaggerating. I think I was actually high from the fumes a bit, it was so damn strong, and I had my window opened! I must ask Kris how old this colour is, because it's the only one for now that got this smell.  Other than that this was really easy to work with, brush is nice, and after three coats it's magic. I put SV on top, just because it dries rather slow and I changed my mani at night, but it's glossy on its own too.
A day or two later I put Nfu Oh 52 on my ring finger, just because I'm turning into flakie junkie. And I loved the look, I think it was two coats, and the play of green and blue was fantastic. :) 

What's the smelliest polish you ever tried out? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Looks great with and without #52! Hmm, the smelliest polish I've used lately is actually a topcoat: Seche Vite. Eww.

  2. Čudovit je. Mislim da česa takšnega še nimam v zbirki. Bo treba poiskat kakšnega =).
    Z NfuOhom je pa tuf božanski, kot so vsi laki s krpicami =).
    Najbolj smrdljivi laki ki sem jih imela so pa verjetno Bichun laki, od katerih sem se pa 2 že znebila, enega sem pa obdržala, ker je res tako lep, da mu oprostim smrad =)

  3. That is a very gorgeous blue! The smelliest polish for me is GOSh fix base coat, it reminds me of mushrooms for some reason. But it kinda smells like dirt and is just gross :P

  4. krasna nijansa, a kombinacija s nfu oh je upravo božanstvena :-D

  5. Lepo! Mi je pa s krpicami še bolj všeč. :)

    Laki, ki mi "smrdijo" so pa definitivno Orlyi - nekaj v njih mi tako smrdi ampak glede na lepe odtenke jim to pač moram spregledati. :D

  6. Beautiful blue, and I love the flakies accent.

    My smelliest polish is a Kleancolor glitter--that one is super strong even to my nose that's used to a lot of old school polishes full of chemical goodness.

  7. I tagged you! :)

  8. AmyGrace, oh yes, SV is also one smelly little thing, ugh. :/

    colorfulbottle,jap, res je super odtenek. Bichun pa še nisem preizkusila ...

    Nana, welcome to my blog! Haha, mushrooms, that has to be a very weird smell for a polish, that's all chemical, and dirt is well ... natural. :D

    nail crazy, hvala, draga! :)

    Ivana, Orlyji, resno? Zanimivo, nikoli nisem porajtala da imajo specifičen vonj. Bom prav morala preverit. :D

    KarenD, I haven't tried that one ... but yes, old polish can really stink up the place!

    Danny, thanks dear, I'll get to it as soon as I find the time!

    Thank you all for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  9. My friend who lives in Queens New York is lookin for that same color Brucci Tj's blue suede shoes . Any ideas of where she can buy it ? Shes tried the duane reede and that dont have it :(

    1. I'm sorry, but I have no idea. :( I got it in a swap from a friend, and she's not from NY. Maybe you can look for bloggers that live in NY and ask them, I'm sure they'll know!