Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Brucci - Roberta's Green Garden with BB Clyde accent

Well, I didn't think I'll ever be away from the blog for so long! It's been hectic, darlings. A very nice beginning of the week, but then I had to study my arse off and today I had only the first in a row of very demanding exams. I hope it went well. As you can see, my blogging will be limited until I finish with my exam period, although I miss blogging and nail blogsphere and you guys when I'm away. So tell me, how have you been? :)

Today I'll show you another Brucci, this one I really fell in love with. Yes, it's green. :P It's a very vibrant green, very spring like. I had my break and I felt like doing a lil' bit of scotch tape accent, nothing new, you saw the stripes before, now only in a combination of greens, of course I picked BB Couture Clyde, as it's perfect.

I think I needed three coats of Roberta's Green Garden, to even it up, but I'm not sure, sorry. One coat of Clyde on my ring finger, and I should add another, but I removed the scotch tape already and what was done, was done. As always, my scotch tape tries are inspired by awesome Erika and her Chloe's Nails, and I'm sure you all know her, but I'm going to link the blog anyway. :)

This one I really loved, it's such a perfect spring green. Brush acted very nicely, and I had no troubles with the smell of the polish either. I used SV on top. Hm ... anything else? Let me know if you have any questions. I'm really starting to love Brucci, for the absurdly low price they come by in the USA, I wish we had them too. 

What do you think about this colour and combination? What's on your nails today, any new colours from new collections? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. uvijek je lijepo vidjet zelene nokte, a pogotovo kombinaciju dvije zelene :)
    jako mi se svidja :)

    ja upravo idem nalakirat Gosh holographic, nadam se da ce sutra biti suncan dan i da cu ga moc lijepo uslikat :)

    sretno s ispitima, nadam se da ces ih uspjet sve polozit :*

  2. Great mani! ^^ Love the accent nail, really cute (: The greens are gorgeous. I'm wearing NYC Boundless Berry layered with Essence Candy Kiss, but I'm all ready bored with it :P

  3. Lovely and vivid spring colour, and I like the tape design as well! :)

  4. Ooo, I love this green! And, the accent nail is awesome! Very pretty! :)

  5. I love what you did with your ring finger!

  6. Lately I'm also into greens, and this one is just gorgeous :D

  7. fantastična manikura, sviđaju mi se obje boje i rad s trakicama :-D

  8. Thank you everybody! Your praise means a lot to a nail art rooke such as myself. :))

  9. E ovo je zelena koju bi i ja nosila.. odlično izgleda.

  10. I love green! All of your designs are so nice, I am always thinking of doing one at home, but I`m a little but impatient and I cannot do it right :P

    I love your easter egg :)
    Thank you for entering you are so sweet!

  11. Lalica, super, hehe. :D

    ligata, it was my pleasure. :) And scotch tape doesn't take a lot of patience, that's why I can do it, I'm way to impatient otherwise. ;)

    Hvala za komentarja! Thank you for the comments!