Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nfu Oh does magic in San Francisco

Hey guys! And welcome new people, 560 of us here, woohoo! We are having the gloomiest weather ever here in Ljubljana, I think this intensity of dead grey colour can only be produced by our lovely capitals weather so I did a mani that quite maches that. Although it looks better on the nails. ;) I'm still trying to cough my lungs out, but it's getting better, luckily, this is the worst time ever to get sick for me. But anway! 
I showed you San Francisco in my last post, and you know what this beauty called for? That's right! Flakies!! La la la - flakies!! Can't get enough of them, no, I don't even mind the removing process (which, btw, I still find much easier than with some polish ala Space Cadet). And I couldn't decide whether to go all green or mix a lil' bit of blue in it, so I did a 56 mani with the 52 accent finger. Just because I can!

 Somewhat blurry picture, to show the sparkle.

 Inside shot, natural light.

The last two are direct sunlight, but different angle, to show all the different colours these flakies bring to the mani. Also to show you how much blue 52 actually is. :)

I really loved this mani, of course. I loved the accent finger, 52 darkend San Francisco into this really dark green, yet it was still green with this gorgeous blue flash. And 56 is still my favourite flakie polish, so I don't feel I must add anything else to it, you know how much I loved this combination. Green over green. :) I really loved the accent idea, it came out just right, and so i discovered new ways to combine flakies. Maybe I should try it also one on another ... hmm ...

Anyway ... flakies were both two coats, I added Nfu Oh Ultra Shine TC. Sadly the flakies didn't cover the mess SV did on my mani, so I didn't wear it for the full time the mani could last. Still, gorgeous combination, IMO. :) 

What's your favourite flakie combination?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Love the accent nail! :) And, as you know, I'm a sucker for any flakie manicure, lol!

  2. Those two colors are a perfect match, good eye!

  3. Nikad dosta flekija :)
    Sviđa mi se prstenjak. ;)

  4. Woooow, tole je božansko, še posebej če si nor na krpice kot jaz =). Res lepa kombinacija.

    Vreme je pa tud pri nas proti večeru malo bolj slabo kazalo, ampak čez dan je bil pa lep sonček =)

  5. I really love Nfu.Oh. but I only have two of the holo ones, because they are too expensive. 10€ for one polish?? ufff

  6. Nfu Oh does magic anywhere and anytime :)

  7. fantastična manikura, sviđa mi se kombinacija boja i flekići :-D

  8. Thank you, everybody. :) I'm glad you liked it as much as I did. :D