Wednesday, 13 April 2011

O.P.I. - Catherine The Grape a.k.a. big lemming killed

Heeeeeeey darlings! 

Wow, it's been only 3 days but it feels like it's been a month since I've hit the keyboard. The thing is - about an hour after I posted Hue Rang? post something went wrong with our electricity and this time it seemed serious - of course my computer was on when the entire house got dark and the next day, after the wizard of electricity fixed the problem, my dear Mojmir (the name of my computer) was still lost in the dark. So I needed another magician (my BF is a computer magician, yes), but he was really busy until yesterday when he finally fixed it and now I'm baaaack! I need to check all your blogs, it's going to take gazillion years and I still have to study, lol. But anyway! I have a few stuff prepared for you! 
The Eveline Holografic Shine week or rather days (for I cannot promise you post every day in my study period) will happen, I promise! But today, let's see my biggest lemming in O.P.I. department right after I got my DS glamour. Catherine The Grape ... you know how some people crave the OPI DS bottles or the original My Private Jet? That's how much I fell in love with Catherine The Grape. Sadly it wasn't easly to find her - a friend of mine couldn't find it in USA either for me. I don't think it's a HTF, but it was for me. :) Now it's mine!! What makes me blush and I really felt bad because of it was the fact that I had it for two months before I tried it on and even forgot that I have it for a while. Sometimes I think that my WL hunt is getting insane. I just tick the one that I got and move to another, without even enjoying the one that I've just gotten for longer time than it takes me to get it to my room and put it on a shelf ... I dunno. I actually felt like a dragon in that moment - hoarding polish just so I can lie on it. But I love dragons so that feeling quickly passed as I ordered few other bottles of polish, lol. Pictures!

First three are natural light and how Catherine really looks like, two sunlight pictures just so I can bring out the shimmer to the maximum. As I'm a total green polish freak it is perhaps suprising that my biggest lemmings in O.P.I. department were blue and purple. Right now my three biggest lemmings in OPI are green, reddish purple and blue, lol. I don't know, O.P.I. does them all right, I guess. 

Catherine The Grape is a part of O.P.I. Russian Collection for Fall 2007, an awesomely strong collection, with Russian Navy, Boris & Natasha, St. Petersburgundy, Affair on the Red Square and two awesome blackened colours, that I worshiped when I was in my blackened polish phase, now I find them slightly boring. But still, awesome collection, don't you think? It's already a green label, B3F with pro wide brush. Now, about the brush. I got Catherine the Grape from a second hand, since, like I said, I couldn't find it anywhere otherwise and the second hand convinently forgot to mention the brush is damaged. That's why my not-so-good application on this one. I wouldn't care much, since it's still manegable, if this wasn't one of my biggest lemmings ever. I've already gotten an idea how to fix it though, so the next time I'll put it on, it's going to be a big mess, but I hope I'll save it. :) It's a gorgeous purple, that I absolutely adore. 

Anything else? Oh, this was two coats. I imagined I'll need three because of the wonky brush, but didn't need to, yay! It dried pretty fast too! One of O.P.I.s finest, I'd say!

What do you think about Catherine The Grape? Do you own it? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Like a dragon on their treasure...I like it, I think I may have to borrow that analogy to describe me and my polish. :) Really pretty color, I don't think I have it. Now my hunt is on.

  2. I NEEEEEED THIS!!! but dont know where to get it! its soooo pretty!

  3. This colour is gorgeous! Huge congrats on getting a lemming; it feels so good, I know ;)

    I can't help but crave to see this with a matte topcoat over it. I think it would look great!

  4. I love this one, it was one of my first when I started collecting :)

  5. Oh, čudovit je!

    Pa nič več se ne oglasiš pri "meni"... ;)

  6. Točno tale je bil eden od mojih prvih OPIjev in iz začetkov zbirateljstva. Prečudovit je. Takrat sem ga veliko nosila. Zanimivo, da mi je pri tem odtenku všeč, da je zadimljen, pri kakšnem drugem pa mi nikakor ni všeč. Dobra kombinacija vsega očitno.
    Čestitke, da ti ga je uspelo dobiti!

  7. Všeč mi je, kako izgleda na soncu.

  8. Only two coats? Wow, this is stunning! I love it!

  9. Anita, yes, I imagine myself as a dragon, sitting on its treasure every time I open my WL or look at my stash. :) It's never enough with nail polish ...

    Danny, I wish I could help, but I was stupidly lucky that a girl on a forum was selling it, otherwise I would still be without it.

    Jette Fromm, as soon as I get the chance, I'll matte it for you. :)

    Chloe, it was one of my first lemmings, but I had to wait for a long time to get it. :D

    Biba, popravljeno! :) Saj oglasim se redno, le komentirati pozabim. Ali pa mislim, da sem že komentirala in zaprem okence. *blush*

    Maestra, jaz pa imam nekaj s tem zadimljenim izgledom, ne vem kaj, ampak mi je noro všeč. :) Morda mi je tudi zato tale tako popolna barva, vse na njej mi je všeč. :)

    Taya, meni pa je lepši v senci. :D

    Lois, yes, as far as I can remember ... it surprised me too! :)

    Thank you for the comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  10. Wow I didn't knew it was so amazing!! Really gorgeous!

  11. I know about lemmings and wishlists and the feeling of *I want to collect them all!!!*
    And of trying the polishes once and gettting used to them immediatelly :)

    I don't like the color as much as you do (I'm also green lover), but I'm happy for you.

    Dragon, lol :)

  12. Wow!!! I actually hate purple but that one looks awesome! I feel like I need to try and find this one someday too now. :)

  13. maisenzasmalto, yeah, Catherine is one of "silent" gorgeousnesses of O.P.I. :)

    Stickers - that's exactly how I felt - you just try it on once and the whole exctiment settles like a badly baked cake. Meh. :/

    shimmerspark, yeah, I think Cahterine The Grape is the one purple everyone can love. :D

    Thank you for the comments!

  14. Hi I already ordered one bottle from mbeautylounge and I am waiting for it. The price was reasonable.

  15. Hey! Great, I'm glad you found it! :) Thanks for the comment!