Friday, 8 April 2011

Depend blue crackle (5002) over Brucci&CND

Hey people. How are you doing? I'm sorry, darlings, but my study schedule doesn't allow me to post every day anymore, as you probably noticed. It will be more like three times a week, probably, unless I'll find time, and if I don't, then even less. Right now I am concentrating on my studies, trying to pass as many exames as I can and blogging does take some time, if you do it every day, especially if you then read half of nail blogsphere with it. ;) So bear with me for this couple of monts, it's going to be a hard period of time for me. But anyway! It doesn't mean I've stopped polishing my nails, hah! I have tons of stuff to show you already, because it's a really nice break for me to do my mani and, you know, just to take my mind of books, it's very relaxing for me, that's why sometimes happens that I change my mani more often in study time. Go figure.

Today I have for you the blue Depend crackle. I put it over Gianna's Rocking Blue with CND Emerald Shimmer, and I think it's one of the best combinations I could do with this one. I loved it, wore it for a couple of days too. Depend really nailed it with this shade of crackle, it's fantastic. As you'll see, even if the instructions say add TC, I haven't, I loved the matte over shimmery base. Well, it's not 100% matte, as it has the sparkle in it. Sparkly blue! I added TC later on on one finger, and the sparkles really come alive then. But I liked this look too, so I let it be.

I think Depend crackles the best out of all the crackles out there. The cracks are big and the patterns awesome. I love it, absolutely fantastic crackle, and this colour is my by far favourite of the crackle colours. I've mostly gotten over the whole crackle phase, to tell you the truth, I don't even feel like getting the mint Crackle Glaze anymore. I mean, I wouldn't mind having it, but even if I don't, no biggie. But this combination, now that's beyond awesome. I also love the red crackle done by Depend, I just dont' have time to do the combination I had in mind to show you. I will, eventually. :) 
But yes, like I said, I loved this one. Even my mother liked it, and she doesn't like 85% of polish I wear, and this really isn't something she'd usually like (she hated Gianna's Rockin' Blue alone too ;)). 

Loved the combination. What about you? Still love the crackling or are you already cooling off? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Wonderful combination! :) I agree with you, the Depend crackles are so easy to get to crack properly. Personally, my favourite crackle is OPI's black shatter - I like the long strings it usually leaves. In fact, I'm wearing it right now, LOL! I am a teeny bit disappointed in the china glaze crackles - they are hard to get to crackle nicely on the nails (not when I make rings, though. Then they crackle perfectly!). I'd say that I'm as thrilled about the crackles as ever, I just don't wear them constantly, because then I'd be sick with them, lol!

  2. fantasticna kombinacija i ja bi ovakav crackle da ga se mogu docepat :)

  3. O, super kombinacija! Tale Depend crackle je res lep.

  4. Jette Fromm, I know what you mean, Crackle Glaze were a bit of a disappointment for me too. But I just adore white crackle. :)

    Lendoxia, hvala! Sad će i OPI praviti plave crackle pa se nadam da će biti jedan i ovakav. :D

    CopyCat, thank you! :)

    Biba, hvala ti! Res je, imam srečo, da sem ga dobila za darilo. :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thank you for your comments!