Thursday, 21 April 2011

Sinful Colors - San Francisco a.k.a. lemming killed

How about two in a row, due to me feeling like I got hit by a bus? It's always like this, one gets home caughing, the next day there is two in the family with a cough, and so it spreads and I already have a sore throat and am, as it seems, trying to cough my lungs out, while the brains are pounding in my skull for me to stop. Oh well. Luckily I killed another one of my big wishes today, I got in the mail the sweet orange goodness that goes by the name Orange Marmalade and it's on my nails right now, making me happy and also thirsty for a freshly squeezed orange juice. Yummy. 

But today about another lemming killed. I worshiped San Francisco, so so much. Just think about it, emerald sparkly green, you know I'll be drooling all over my keyboard for it. Not one swatch of this baby was bad. And of course I got it in the best swap package ever and here it is! Only lightbox pictures, because it was late at night and even so you can see the sparkles!

*dreamy sigh* This colour was everything I imagined it would be and more. When it comes to the colour that is. Perhaps I was so amazed by the shade, I never read what bloggers have to say about this baby. Because it's sheer! This was 4 coats! Yes, I'm a 100% cover freak and I dislike VNL, but 4 coats for a shimmery polish seems a bit much. Sure, I get it with glitter and glass flecks and so on, but simple shimmer polish? I don't know guys. It was an unpleasant suprise. Saying that I must admit, I'm a total sucker for greens, not to mention emerald greens, not to mention emerald greens that freakin' sparkle!! So Sinful is forgiven. And that's a word play I didn't plan, I swear, lol. It's a gorgeous colour, I must say. SV screwed it up a bit, it dried so wrong and then the shinkage and the weird spots of polish on top of my nail ... beautiful, really. I must thin that sucker or just stop using it. 

It was a first full mani i did with any Sinful and other than sheernes I have no major complaints. I remember I wasn't over the moon with the brush, but not something I'd really complain about, it's just not so much better than average brush one would point that out.

What's your limit of coats for a mani and which finish/colour gets away with more in your tolerance zone? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. this is an absolutely gorgeous color which makes me totally want it...too bad that green doesn't look good with my skin color :(

  2. Na tebi je predivan.. na meni.. dalo bi se pričat. Super ti stoji.

  3. Gorgeous! I can totally understand why you love it, it reminds me of Gosh - New Age which I love!

    As for sheerness, I'd say a maximum of 2 coats of a regular colour, three if it's really amazing... As for jellies, holos and the like, I don't mind adding 2 more, making it 4 coats. In general, I use three coats most of the time - a base colour and an effect - in most of my manis.

  4. Yum! I think I jut ignored the bad things and added this one to my 'need' list!

  5. stvarno ljepotan, i ja bih takvog :-)

  6. San Francisco je problem child ja, ampak po mojem totalno vredn cseh slojev, ki jih zahteva :) Mogoče bi se ga dal slojit čez zelen ali črn lak

  7. Oh, one of my lovely blogging pals sent this and a few more to me recently. Just because. I can't wait to try it. Looks lovely on you :-)

  8. Oh, pretty! It looks fab on you. ♥

    My maximum is four coats. If a polish needs more than 4 it's too bad, I'll take it off and try to layer it on top of an opaque polish.

  9. carissakuo, hey, welcome to my blog! Oh, I think there is a green for everyone! :) Just find out what undertone suits you best, blue or yellow one and you should find your perfect green. :)

    Mína, yes, I agree!

    Lalica, pa vidim, da ne voliš baš zelenu boju, tvoje su plava i ljubičasta, jel? :)

    Jette Fromm, thanks for sharing! :) I'd say that in average I put three coats of color, I have no idea why, maybe my nails are bigger than average nail? :) So I have a lot of patience with coats. :D

    ame, you do that! It's really beautiful. :)

    nail crazy, u USA nije jih teško dobit, možda ako nađeš koju za neki mali swap. :)

    Ina, morda ga bom kdaj slojila čez kakšnega zelenkota, ampak po pravici povedano, mi za tak rezultat tudi 4 sloji niso prevelik problem .:)

    Ash-Lilly, great, can't wait to see it on your nails! :)

    AmyGrace, thank you, darling. :) And thanks for sharing! I think we have the same system, yes. 4 is as many as I'd go without layering it too.

    Thank you all for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  10. SF is one of my favorite polishes. And it looks great on you. :)

  11. Uf, 4 plasti ubijejo moje občudovanje nekega laka. 3 plasti so max, pa še to mi mora bit lak res všeč.

  12. This is the type of green I love on my nails :)

  13. Chune, hey, welcome to my blog! And thank you for the lovely compliment. :)

    Biba ... ja, vem ... zame je dovolj lep, da dam tudi štiri gor, če je treba, ampak celo zame, ki sem obsedena s polno prekrivnostjo je bilo veliko.

    Ari, welcome to my blog. :) Yeah, it's wonderful, but then again, I like all types of green on my nails. :D

    Thank you for your commnets! Hvala za komentarje!

  14. Tale je res božanski, eden izmed redkih zelenih, ki so mi reeeees zeeeelo všeeeč, ampak me to, da potrebuje toliko plasti vedno odverne od tega, da bi ga dala na WL =). Čeprav po drugi strani imam pa tud hitrosušeče lake na =)

  15. colorfulbottle, jap, 4 sloji za en šimerček je malo preveč, se strinjam. Ampak green junkie bo tudi to preživel za tako barvo. :D Kaj morem, so moja šibka točka. ;)

  16. I just purchased this polish at Rite Aid... I can't believe the stunning emerald color or the amazing price!