Thursday, 28 April 2011

Deborah Milano 7 Days Long - 837 with accent layer

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I'm starving! I'm waiting for lunch, so I can write this down, as I've planned to yesterday, but ran out of time. It was a good day yesterday,  too. Nice visit, good game, won a giveaway, saw my BF. :) Nice! I hope you had a good one too!

Today I'll show you a new-to-me brand, called Deborah Milano. It's one of those brands that I always see in the store, but don't, you know, I walk right pass it. Until I saw Maestra's entry on them (thank you, dear, for pointing them out for me!), and I just knew the green one will have to go with me. Since it was buy 1 get 1 for free happening (and, btw - WOW!! It can happen in Slovenia too, holy crap!) I also got Sense Tech 01 Black Mat varnish and all in all it came out a pretty good bargain.

I combined the two for this mani. I wanted to try out 837 alone and layered as shown at Parokeets' so I did an accent mani with black Sense Tech.

 I left this extra large, as the details of the finish are the best shown here, so I suggest you enlarge it. :)

 Natural light, indoors. Forgive the dusty hands, you know the drill ...

The sticker on the 7 days long says these are "water ice colors" or as our neighbours would say "colori sorbetto". I think this is spot on, since the finish does look like a liquid full of chopped ice, or like a sorbet ice cream. It is a lovely finish, I really liked it, but it's a bit unusual. It's not like glass flecked finish by China Glaze, I'd say. Almost like it has bigger "chunks" of glass. :) It's nicely visible on the first picture, that's why I left it *huge*.

This was four coats, I think ... or three, with the third being fairly thick. I don't advise you that, thick coat doesn't spread even, as you can see on some of my nails. I still had VNL, which I'm not too crazy about. The formula on these is so so, but the awesome brush totally saves it. The brush is really great, it hugs the entire nail, so not even a bit goopy formula was a problem.Colour wise I don't think this is a green lots of people will like. It's very springy, yes, but it boards on lime green almost more than it does on grass green. 

Sense Tech mat, that I applied on my ring finger is a different story. I'm not used to matte polish being so bitchy. It was hard to apply, and a closer look would shown you I didn't do a nice curve because of it, the brush didn't help in this case. It dries kinda slow, and more of a satin finish than actually matte, but I like it. I think it will make a great layering polish, if I'll get over the application. Either way, I loved the accent finger, I think 837 looks much much better layered over something dark than on itself. I'll layer it over green soon, you can be sure of that. :)

What do you think, layered 837 or by itself? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Amazing! I'm definitely looking forward to see this layered over green :) I hadn't seen the brand before now, but it really looks like it has potential!

  2. Enako - vedno grem mimo njihovega stojala. Čeprav imam en njihov lak iz druge roke. Je pa tisti Maestrin post tudi mene prepričal, da sem jih vzela pod drobnogled :)

  3. prije par godina sam kupovala njihove lakove a sad više nemam nijedan... ali novi mi izgledaju jako dobro, ima krasnih nijansi...jednom će već doći na red ;-)
    sviđa mi se manikura :-D

  4. Jette Fromm, I'm just having trouble picking one green to layer it over. :D Any suggestions? ;)

    Biba, pa še koliko jih je res lepih! In za naš trg niti niso predragi. Kar je morda celo žalostno ...

    KarenD, yeah, it sure is! :)

    nail crazy - sumljam, da bi tebi bio ljubičasti još draži. :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for all the comments!

  5. Čudovita kombinacija. Tudi sama sem se zarad maestrinega posta nalo več časa zadržala pri deborah lakih, ampak sem na koncu kupila samo modrega mat, čeprav bi si najraje kupila še kar nekaj lakov s temi glass flecksi, ker so res božanski <3

  6. That looks seriously cool! I just LOVE green nailpolish, so this is RIGHT up my alley :D

    I gave you an award on my blog :) It is well deserved, I think.

  7. colofulbottle, jap, mene tudi tisti vijolčko blazno mika ... bo treba it ponj. :D

    Ylva, wow, love your nickname! And yay, another green fan, welcome! :D Thank you for the award, I'll get to it as soon as I find some time, promise! I really appreciate it!

  8. Ah I love green polishes and these colors both look stunning!