Sunday, 1 May 2011

China Glaze - Sea Spray with accent scotch tape and CND effect

Wow, very unooriginal title. Yay me. It's still a bit early for me, I guess. You know, I study by night, sleep until not very decent hours ... guys, you can probably tell, my time for blogging is getting more limited than I thought. If I all of the sudden don't write anymore, don't think I've stopped blogging, I just got so busy with my exams, I cut the blog completely, as it does take time. I'm thinking Ivana*, our pink lady, did the right thing about it, taking a break for studies, I feel I should do the same. And maybe I'll just have to. I love blogging, but I have to pass my exams too. :S Anyway! Just to let you know. :)

Today I have the already famous and seen a gazillion times China Glaze - Sea Spray. I feel like Ahoy! has stolen his moment of fame, but still it's a gorgeous colour. My Anchors Away order got very streched due to the always sold out Crackle Glaze, but at least I'm showing them now, when all the hype is over. ;)

The first step, and how very wrong I was to hope any of the Anchors Away will be dupes for my beloveth Depend 170. :)

Later on I put CND Effect Sapphire Sparkle on, one coat.

I'm doing all this in old Blogger, so if there are any unexpected changes, it's due to that. I'm really starting to hate blogger, you know. Picasa is so effing weird, it's supposed to make another album when the older is full, but mine has like 40 pictures in it and it still won't post pictures, and of course nobody in blogger department is doing a damn thing about it, as far as I can see from all the other bloggers, trying to solve it and being pissed off about it. Google really sucks with this ignorance of problems. It's taking even more time from me for blogging when I can least afford it. Stupid program.

Anyway, as you can see, I played with Sea Spray a bit. The tip wear is getting bigger by the picture, since I did wear it alone for a day or two. Then I put the accent finger on, scotch tape try, with Depend 170 and Catrice London's Weather Forecast and then I put CND Sapphire Sparke effect on, although I think it looks better over darker shades.

Two coats of Sea Spray, it doesn't need TC, as it dries really fast, one coat of everything else. I loved this mani, although I think London's Weather Forecast and Depend have too little contrast, you see the difference only if you really look at it. I'm still on the hunt for a dupe of Depend 170 as it's an illegally small bottle of this gorgeous discontinued polish, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! I went through Tevta's helmer with no luck. The closest one was MAC Blue India and that doesn't help me one effing bit, being even more HTF and expensive as hell. :) Besides, Blue India is a tad bit more blue. I have another one in mind, but I'll wait until I get it and compare it.

Ok, now let's hope blogger at least publishes this correctly. Hope you guys liked the mani!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Sea Spray is my favourite from this collection, it's such a great colour! It looks gorgeous on you :)

    I have to try and look for Depend #170, I'm really intrigued by it - it goes great with Sea Spray and it's a wonderful shade overall.

    Best of luck with your studies! Will miss you if space out for a moment, but I couldn't agree more with your decision :)

  2. The CND effects layer is very nice. Its an awesome mani to begin with tho. I love using electrical tape for sectioning off.

  3. It looks amazing! I'll try to find similar polish to Sea Spray!

  4. meni je sea spray najbolji iz ove kolekcije :-D
    ako ti blog oduzima previše vremena koje bi trebala trošiti na učenje - odmori se, samo se nemoj zaboraviti vratiti, čekat ćemo te ;-)

  5. Sea Spray is such a fabulous colour and I love what you did with the CND effect.

    Good luck with your studies - I totally understand the studying at night thing. It seems like I can't even focus until after midnight!

  6. Kdo bi si mislil, da bo meni nekega dne Sea Spray celo všeč, ampak v tejle manikuri izgleda res čudovito, ampak še vseeno dovolj potegne na sivo, da ga nebi nikoli nalakirala. Ne vem zakaj tako mrzim sive stvari =(.

    sicer mi ideja o ne bloganju ni preveč všeč, ker bom za nekaj časa izgubila dve čudoviti soblogerki, ampak ko stvar pride tako daleč, da se je treba resno učit, pa lahko samo rečem srečno na izpitih =). Upam da boš čimprej nazaj =).

  7. Na mojem blogu te čaka nagrada. :)

  8. Hi! Im new to your blog..

    I like how you do your accent nails. Very simple and pretty.

  9. they look fantastic I like them and your blog too :-)

  10. Thank you everyone! I miss you all and blogging too! I just might break down and write a post one of these days. I'm studying my ass off, or at least trying to, but I can't keep away from nail blogsphere. ;)

    I'm glad you like the mani, I loved it too, it's a new love with this gentle pastels I'm discovering ... who knew. :)

    Thanks for your comments and good wishes, they mean a lot! :)