Friday, 20 May 2011

Essence - Forget-me-not

Evening people! I feel like writing another one. I got some great news today about my first exam, and the really terrible headache that has been troubling me the entire day finally went away so I'm in a good mood but tired and typing seems like a rational thing to do when in this state of mind. :) 

Lately, when it comes to nail polish, I switched to fift gear. I think I should stop pretending I'm on a no-buy. I have a good excuse for every bottle I bought, but come on. Today I found the old version of Catrice Back To Black and bought one. My first back up bottle, lol. I think this one is acutally justified, as I use it for base colour, combination colour and it's perfect for scotch tape tries. So I use it a lot. Plus the new version is this greyish silver thing, not black at all, and since it's one of my favourite blacks ever ... you know. I had to. ;) 
But not just buying. I've been changing my mani every day now and my nails are starting to complain a bit. I should stop, before the polish remover does some damage on them, but even if i worship the colour I have on my nails, afternoon comes and I'm back in my nail polish corner, going through my untrieds box. Maybe I got infected with All Lacquered Up 365 of untrieds challenge (which is, btw, fabulous reading, really a fun challenge IMO), I'm wearing my untrieds only lately - that's why my ATM box isn't changing, not because I'm too lazy to change it, I actually have only First Timers on. :) Well, except a love in an Essie bottle I've already forgotten all about and that made me think about my next purchase in Essie department. So yeah, I have loads to show you! I've also killed two lemmings in this time, big ones too, yay for me! :)

Ok, how about I get to the Essence? I'm sure you've all seen it, it's from one of their latest LE called Blossoms Etc. and this one made me fall in love with Essence. Pictures.

 Natural, grey stormy weather.

Very very soft lightning.

Only three pictures not because I wouldn't like the mani or pictures, for some odd reason I didn't do any angles with this one, only these three different lightnings but the position of my hand is the same on all so it was pointless for me to show you two 99% the same ones.

I got convinced to buy this one from the great swatches I saw, otherwise the promo pictures didn't look at all promising to me and I just thought I'll skip the entire collection. Now I have blue and yellow at home and I'm thinking I really should buy the green one too when I had the chance... I was on the fence with it since it looked kinda minty, go figure, right? I *so* do not regret buying this one. Forget-me-not is a two coater even for my long nails! Two coats, I really cherish that in a polish, since I'm most of the time on three coats even with otherwise stated as two coaters. The brush is ... oh dude, the brush is perfect! If Essence changed all their lines and put this brush as the main one it would be totally awesome. It hugs the entire nail and the polish spreads on nail like it knows where exactly to land. No troubles with this one. It dries really fast, you don't need a TC with it. 

I didn't think much of Essence in the beginning of my nail polish obsession, but with the awesome new colours in the permanent collection and with a few great colours in the LEs lately, I'm defintiively correcting my impression about them. Especially since the brush in Color&Go line is also a total win. They have great prices, which on our market is an exception. The only thing that bothers me with Essence now is the urge to make most of their collections highly limited. I know it's a good marketing trick, but one gets tired of it. 

Ok, I hope you're still with me, it's a long one today, I feel chatty, I guess. Tell me, how are you lately with nails and nail polish? I feel a lot of cooling down around the blogsphere, are you still the same fanatic, or are you taking a lil' break? How many untrieds do you have? You can tell me, I won't tell. ;) And do share your thoughts about Essence. :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. I couldn't decide if I wanted any of those... I am excited to be getting the You Rock collection soon... it is on the way to me from a nice girl in Switzerland!!

    I also got one holo polish, one of their new holo lip glosses, eye shadows, and the holo body oil. I have no idea why, but I... just did. haha!

  2. I just bought this and if all Essences are this good, I am going to end up with sooooo many.

  3. This colour is sold out and I only got the green one. Can't wait to try it! I like Essence nail polishes... they're surprisingly great.

  4. divan je :) nazalost ga se nisam docepala

  5. It looks fantastic! Too had we don't have them here, the collex looks amazing.

  6. Tale je vsekeakor najlepši iz Blossoms kolekcije!

  7. super je :) in kakšni lepi nohtki <3

  8. I'm in love with this colour cos I don't have anything like it - Major lemming for me!!

    I'm still mad on the blogging too, still posting daily but maybe that's because I've only started this year? :)

  9. I love this colour, it's such a gorgeous shade of blue <3 I wish I had access to Essence, I want almost all of their limited collections ;)

    Blogging wise, I've been busy transferring my blog (and correcting the coding lol) to my own domain, but I'm still as into nail polish as ever :) I don't think that will ever change!

  10. Beautiful polish, I still can't find it.

    I tagged you with an award!

    xx Renee

  11. I don't know if I'm cooling down, but my collection has gotten to a size that I haul a bit more selectively these days. I find myself passing on some polishes if their color is too close to something I already have. I still love polish as much as I ever did, though. Doing my nails is just a bit of quiet time every few days that I need and the color makes me happy.

    I probably have 25 untrieds right now, but in my defence it is because I recently stumbled on some major deals. (For instance, a store near me had the entire Essie French Affair collection for 75% off-- I got each bottle for US $2.04 so I could NOT pass it up. And I found two other LE collections on the same shopping trip and had to get two colors each from those.) I should probably hold out my untrieds separately until I use them!

  12. Thank you all for your comments! :)

    Shieldmaiden, I get you, I'm starting to do that too. I want a "clean" collection, without dupes or colours too similar to eachother. I'm not good with my untrieds. I don't consider my stash big, and yet, there are always around 30 bottles in the untrieds box. I'm going through them too slowly, I guess.

  13. Moj najljubši iz te kolekcije.