Thursday, 19 May 2011

Brucci - Black Emerald

Heya guys! I've just had a very big exam today and I feel like I've been hit by a bus. Therefore I've already made a comparison and changed my mani and decided I'll type this entry away! I go back to the books tomorrow, today I'm taking a day off! 
I've read the blogger went all nuts a few days ago, and I noticed a couple of comments were deleted in my previous posts, and weren't restored - I've read them and I thank you for them now here, since I appearantly won't be able to answer them. 

Today I have for you a mani I did a while ago. It is the most anticipated Brucci from the swap box and boy it didn't disappoint. Black Emerald is *stunning*. Pictures were at first taken in really bad weather, rainy and such, but the next day the sun came out, so also sunlight pictures and "natural inside bright room light" picture with a tipwear. :)

 Natural everyday light, inside. 

 See the duochrome play, see it, see it?? 

It's also very sparkly on the sunlight.

This is three coats, as I needed to even it out. Come to think of it ... no wonder I had to, my nails are HUGE on these pictures. Man, I get so lazy with the filing ... one day I'll just cut them off completely, it's not like I have an hour to shorten them anyway. 
But to the polish - it's completely awesome, don't you think? When I took these pictures I kept thinking why Black Emerald, when in fact the duochrome colours are dark brown and emerald, but the next day I saw that in most light brown really looks black, and you get this *stunning* blackened emerald colour, that is simply do die for. I kept playing with my nails for the colours to shift, although I wouldn't mind them being green all the time, just look at that colour, so gorgeous!
I had no troubles with the polish or the brush. Brucci rocks! So does Kris from My Lucid Bubble for sending me this one!

What do you think? Is there anyone out there that acutally doesn't like duochrome? Don't be shy, lets hear it! :) Bloggers, ever look at your pictures of older manis and think "damn, what's wrong with my nail lenght on this one"? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. hope your exam was good! :)
    We still don't have the new catrice ones. But I'm in my local store every second day! :)
    So I hope, I'll have them very soon!

  2. Gahh, what a pretty! I'm a sucker for duochromes, they can be so mesmerizing. =)

  3. Sorry about your exam, but I bet you did awesome on it.

    And this is my favorite Brucci did such a good job capturing it, and I like your nails in these pictures! They look pretty.

    And finally, yes...I wish I could delete all the posts from last summer, because my nails were looking crazy as heck. I wish someone would have told me too, because at the time, I thought they looked good. -___-

  4. That is so pretty. I have never heard of the brand before but that polish is pretty awesome. Hope you do get a passing grade on your exam. Sending good vibes your way.

  5. Wow that's such a beauty! Love it

  6. Upam, da bo izpit najmanj 9 =). Tale lak je res čudovit kameleonček, škoda da te znamke ne prodajajo v SLO, ker imajo nekaj božanskih odtenkov.

  7. Ooo, kako je lep! Če se ne motim ga nimam in ga v Ameriki tudi nisem videla. Brucci-je sem sicer gledala in celo kakšnega kupila, a tega nisem zasledila. :(
    Držim pesti za izpit(e)!

  8. Good luck with your exam!
    I love the black color!

  9. Danny, don't worry, no pressure! :) I keep my fingers crossed for them. :D

    AmyGrace, I know, I adore duochromes too!

    ChaosButterfly, thanks for the comment! Yeah, this Brucci sure is worth any high end brand's bill!

    Steffie, thank you, dear! and yeah, Brucci is kinda unknow, but awesome!

    Nail Buff, me too!

    colorfulbottle, haha, upam, da res, to bi bilo čudovito! :D

    Maestra, ja, Kris je takrat omenila, da tega mora včasih čakati, verjetno gre ko tople žemlje zjutraj. :) Je pa res fantastičen. Hvala za pestke! :)

    Ligata, thank you!

    Thank you all for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!