Saturday, 21 May 2011

The Holy Trinity of Illamasqua

Hey guys. Remember me telling you I buy too much polish lately? Well, today I killed two major, *major*, no really gigantic lemmings of mine and I just have to share it with you, I'm so utterly excited about it. When I did an Illamasqua week (most of them being Tevta's) I mentioned the Holy Trinity of Illamasqua for me. Rampage, Phallic and Hectic. The ones I can get of Illamasqua and never buy another Illamasqua polish and be happy about it. A couple of days ago a friend of mine went to London. When asked if I wanted anything I resisted and said nothing, because I spent a disturbing amount of money on polish this month. But Tevta broke my no-buy pretence and I'm so happy she did. These are mine now:

Rampage of course being fairly used, I got it for my bday last year.


This is insanely awesome!! I still have 7 Illamasquas on my WL but I feel like my hunt in their nail polish department is done. Now I switch to their lipstick/gloss and eyeshadows department, I think. 

Saying all that, being incredibly excited and happy about this purchase, I must say I'm a bit disappointed in Illamasqua's service in London. When I read about them on blogs that get their products into review you get to see this amazing packages that really suit Illamasquas style and price, for that matter. In the actual store you don't even get a tester. I'm sorry, are you telling me Illamasqua as a very expensive brand does not put testers into your bag after spending 70 pounds there only on nail polish? That would be one heck of a surprise. At least the bag is actual Illamasqua bag (that tore in a few days, but still), when T. was there last year she got the regular plastic one. 
Perhaps you think I'm picky and bitchy with the details. But I demand, as a customer, for this amount of money that they claim it's justified to spend in their store, the whole package! Yes, quality, yes, high end package, and yes, 100% service, bags and little gifts included. If we get that in Slovenia for our insane prices and stingy service and choice, don't tell me Illamasqua can't pull it off.

I'm thinking some of you are saying 'then don't buy there' - if it was any crappy brand, I would agree. But I love Illamasqua. I love the products and the 'alter ego' motto. Therefore this is a critism for a brand I love and would like to say these things as a constructive critisim, it's not a brand I'd ever want to just say 'f*ck off' to and forget about it. 
Not that my opinion matters much to them, but I needed to say this somewhere, and hey, it's my blog. :)

Bottom line still is: Illamasqua rocks my world, two lemmings down and tamed, baby!

What do you think about Illamasqua, are you on board with whole love for them? Did you shop in their shop or just ordered products online? What was your latest lemming killed?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Se ne bi branila kakšnega njihovega laka... Zaenkrat pa sem še brez Illamasque v svoji zbirki.

  2. Mene tudi čaka Phallic v Sloveniji. :P

  3. i am so jealous I have wanted to try these for so long. Phallic is gorgeous!

  4. I want to get myself some illmasqua polishes too!!! Love the look of phallic :D

  5. I L.O.V.E. Illamasqua lacquers. I can't pick just one favorite. As a matter of fact I had to do a skittles with them the last time I wore them because I couldn't decide on one. ;)

  6. oh i really like it!

    following you now :)

  7. Jedino mi je Phallic privlačan, ali znam da nikad neću imat niti jedan njihov lak jer su preskupi, takve lakove prekrižim u startu.

  8. nice, I have a Le Chat Enchanted Forest so I don't need Rampage anymore ^^

  9. I love them too sooo much! My favorite is Nudge. haha A little more light than the 3 you have here!

  10. These three, plus Muse, are my favorite Illamasqua shades. I love Illamasqua bottle of Rampage is all used up. :(

  11. Thank you all for your time and comments! I'm glad you like them, I'll post new swatches ASAP. :)