Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Towel Day!

Yep, it's May 25th, and that means towel day! For all of you who don't know who Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy are, although I doubt there are many, here's the Wiki explanaton of Towel Day, so I shan't be long with explanation. I'm off to prepare myself for a night of beer (at least 4 large ones, to relax your muscles), peanuts and I have to choose my favourite towel before that, you know, just in case some Vogons decide to blow up this lil' old planet of ours. 
Of course I need to do this nail polish related! Imagine the situation: Ford just informed you the Earth was about to be destroyed, he's making you drink huge amounts of beer and grabbing peanuts as he explains the situation, and you think: holy cow, the Earth is going bye bye, is there nail polish on other planets?? And just in case there isn't any, you run home and go to 1 shelf/helmer/box and grab 5 bottles, that you just have to take. 1 object of stashing your polish, because you don't have time to go through them all, and you don't have as nearly enough time to try your untrieds, Vogons are already reading the memo to all the Earthlings! Now, which 5 would you take? :)

I didn't cheat, I went only to one place in the house (I keep polish in two) and choose one shelf of polish and this is what I chose: O.P.I. DS Glamour, China Glaze Watermelon Rind, Illamasqua Rampage, Nfu Oh 56 and Zoya Suvi.

Your turn! Don't forget your towels today, darlings, and remember: 



  1. Lol.
    I'd choose:

    - Color Club "Revvolution" (or Gosh's "Holographic"? Gah!);
    - one blue jelly (or Orly's "Royal Navy");
    - Ozotic Pro Elytra n. 528;
    - Fontana Contarini n. 75 (it's a multichrome ♥);
    - one of the MANY dupes of "Space Cadet" (I have the MAC one) or of "Halley's Comet" (I have the Essence one), I don't know, the first my hand would grab :D

    It's a hard choice -.-

  2. Let's see,

    1. HC Beetle
    2. OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue
    3. CG Strawberry Fields
    4. Milani Ready to Wear Red (I frankened it, its now a holo)
    5. Sinful Colors 'Let's Talk'...because I NEEDS a purple!

  3. Uh, uživaj ob pivu ;)

    Pojma nimam, katerih 5 bi izbrala...

  4. Yay! Towel Day! I tried to come up with a Towel Day manicure but just couldn't quite fi d a good idea.
    1.China Glaze OMG
    2.Zoya Gaia
    3.Sation Holiday Spirit
    4.American Apparel California Trooper
    5.Zoya Caitlin

  5. Thank you all for sharing your 5 that would go around the galaxy with you. :D