Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Breaking the rules

Heeey darlings! I miss you just so effing much I'm breaking my own rules and typing this away to say 'hi'. Welcome, new people, and thank you all for such lovely comments you've been sending me, I love reading them, they really make my day. I honestly didn't think I'd miss blogging so much. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have great fun blogging, reading other blogs, interacting with you lovely people, but that I'll miss it this much? I didn't think I would. 

I'm still very diligently taking pictures of my manis, of course buying polish (although I'm still officially on no-buy, hah) and just thinking about what I'll write on the blog once I'll have the time. I already have two themes, one is already promised Eveline Holografic Shine week, the other, thanks to my wonderful nail polish guru Tevta that bought me the polish on her trip to Italy, a Kiko week. Preview pics!

With Kikos I'm making some comparisons too and the white one seems like a very good substitute for competely sold out White Cap that I crave. :) Yay! 

Oh, just to let you know - new Essence and Catrice polishes will be down to a minimum here at DSSNP. Why? Not because I wouldn't want them, because some colours just effing ROCK, but because I'm, like mentioned before, supposedly on a no-buy deal with myself ... no-buy deal kinda looks like the new Kikos I got, 4 packages I'm currently expecting, around 5 polishes bought on my way home in the last two weeks and one third of my stash still untried. So not really a no-buy deal, wouldn't you say? Well, unless you're like me in a very strong denial and don't count swapping as buying nail polish. Because I buy it for someone else, right? Right? Right?? AND every nail polish junkie knows that you just *have* to buy LE polish, if you like the colour. Because it's LE, it won't be there anymore few months later! *sigh* There is no end for me. I'm getting the dragon laying on its heap of polish mental picture here again ..:)

Seriously though, the only thing that bugs me (because I love swapping and buying nail polish, so I don't really have a bad conscience here, I just pretend to have it) is my heap of untrieds. That I'd really like to go through by the end of study period. Right now I'm changing colours almost every day, it's such a nice break from studying, polish remover fumes mixed with B3F fumes, aaah ... 

So as you can see, I'm alive, studying as much as I can and totally not forgetting about nail polish or you! And here is a manicure for Nail crazy, because she made me smile on a very bad day with her comment saying she's missing my nails. :) Picture holds a certain milestone for me too - I wore yellow for the first time. And I effing loved it. Yellow is on!

Essence Yellow Fellow with p2 Black Explosion crackle. Is it just me or something is wrong with blogger pics? It looks sharp on my computer, but here it's somewhat blurry ...

 Untill next time, keep your fingers crossed for me, big exams next week!


  1. So cool!
    I understant totaly!
    I'm the same!
    These holographics are wonderful!
    Where did you get them?

  2. What a beautiful holo rainbow!
    Enjoy your pretties :D

  3. Yay, you're back, even if it's just to say hi! ;) I've missed your nails and blog posts - you always have something useful to add! I'm loving that Kiko picture - I crave some of them so bad! Can't wait to see them on :)

  4. wow, kombinacija mi je perfektna, morat ću ovo i sama probat ;-)
    drago mi je da sam te nasmijala ;-)
    držim fige za ispit, isto javi kako je prošlo :-D

  5. jedva cekam novosti, a ovo izgleda sjajno svidja mi se kako je crackle lijepo popucao

  6. Uf, lepe četice novih lakov! :D

    Vso srečo pri izpitu!

  7. I think those eveline holo's are SUPER cool !
    I wish we had them here in Belgium ! :(
    Good luck with your exams !
    Xx. S

  8. really love the black and yellow combination!

  9. honey!!!!love your blog!
    awesome post