Saturday, 28 May 2011

Orly - Lunar Eclipse

Heya guys. How are you doing? I wanted to show you my NOTD, but it's a bit tricky to get the right colour of it even after 50 pictures, so I ran out of time for editing them and I switched back to my already edited pictures. It's a weird day for me. I feel tired, the weather change has been way too fast (yesterday hot and sultry, today cold and rainy) and I've been so clumsy today I just may kill myself by accident. I almost cut off my entire index finger nail, spilled half of bottle of vinegar all over myself and the kitchen (should I mention that the pants were fresh from the closet because I spilled coffee on the previous ones?) and of course I messed up my beautiful mani and had to repair it, which hasn't happened to me in months and I was applying the perfect O.P.I. formula, so yeah ... no comment. I'm a danger to myself and the others today. I hope this clumsiness is transfered by the Karma to me from all the Barcelona footbal players and they won't do any mistakes on the field today thanks to my vinegar. ;) Or am I too self-centered? Hah. 

Anyway, to the nail polish, before I make the computer explode, what do you say?

 This one is extra large. 

I feel like blogger did something bad to the picture program. They just look blurry, and they are not when I'm editing them on my comp! So this is Lunar Eclipse from Orly Cosmic FX collection for Fall 2010. Man, do you remember the hype around them? I was just starting to blog about nail polish and Tevta brought me the entire collection to try out. I got tired of them somewhere on the way, because of the staining (I didn't wear base coat back then) and really tiresome removal. So I did a couple of them, but Lunar Eclipse stayed behind until a few ... days ago, I'd say. Perhaps a week or two, I lose my sense of time when I'm studying. I tried it on just because I was cleaning Tevta's polish and preparing them for the day she'll decide to take them back and I said what the hell, let's try this one, so I have the entire collection covered.

Stupid me. This polish is stunning. It's a close second of the collection for me, right after Space Cadet, or perhaps even in line with it. It's such a gorgeous colour, I cannot even tell you, just look at the pictures and imagine this gorgeous foil finish giving some more sparkles to the look and just ... droolable, really. I put two coats of BC on, just in case, because Cosmic FX caused some serious staining of my nails before. 
This was thee coats and no top coat (SV causes shrinkage on my with this type of polish), I watched a show and had enough time to completely dry it, is was also pretty fast for three coats. Application was flawless, I had no trouble at all, Orly rocks like that. 

The duochrome is more intense than with Out Of This World from this collection, but not as nearly as it is strong with Space Cadet (yikes, rookie swatches). Again, it looks tons better on "natural" light, off direct sunlight, but the blue on the sunlight is stunning too. So a win-win situation. I love polish like this. 
Removal is still a pain, but trust me, it is worth it. This baby is going on my "urgent WL" ASAP. A must have, IMO. As most of the colours in this collection, it has a dupe, it's O.P.I. DS Magic (Scrangie did a comparison, and I'm sure a couple of others too), but I dig the Orly brush and the bottle. I'm not sure which one is cheaper or easier to get though, DSs aren't really cheap either.

What were your thoughts about Cosmic FX? Did you get any of the colours, or dupes of them? Do you care about the duping of colours, does it get on your nerves or do you like the idea of various companies having the same colours, so you can choose your favourite?

Thank you for reading!


  1. fantastičan je a ja ga, naravno, nemam :-(
    ova primjedba o zamućenim slikama koje je blogger pokvario - i meni se jučer činilo tako ali sam samu sebe uvjeravala da to ne može biti :-/

  2. oh ya know, just completely in love.

  3. I don't have this one, but I do have Sally Hansen Laser, which is a dupe of it. It's so pretty!

  4. krasan je :) a i rookie swatchevi su ti bili super

  5. I have the whole collection, but Lunar Eclipse was the last one I bought - how stupid am I? It is stunning! So pigmented and shiny and a proper foil finish. I wore it for 4 days which is a record for me!

  6. That color is stunning(:

  7. I love violet-blue duochromes, but I do not have this beauty in my collection.
    Hope you're felling better today.

  8. Thank you everyone, for you comments!

  9. I was wondering where can I get this nail polish from? Cuz I live in the uk and I saw it on google and I love the colour and the name :) please help me

    1. Hello! Well, as far as I know, this collection was limited edition and is therefore sold out for a while now. The only way you can get it now, I suppose, is either going on ebay and buy it for whatever price they're selling it (the price is usually higher than the regular one was) or try your luck with blog sales and swaps, but I doubt you'll find it there. I think ebay is the easiest way to get it now.