Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lex Cosmetics with Inner Fire and Illamasqua explanation

Evening darlings! I'm writing this away in Chrome for the first time, because Mozilla went all freakish on my blogger account and I can't log in for some odd reason. I hope it goes away, although I just might shift to Chrome, it works a lot faster, even with other blogs. 

Short intermezzo: Woo-hoo, 600 of you here, welcome everyone! :)) 

In todays post I have a preposition for an awesome polish, that we could have, if only we vote for it. I'm sure you've hear about Lex Cosmetics and how they make your polish if you win the votes? Well, Kris from My Lucid Bubble has IMO the most stunning idea ever - and I've read all the competitors descriptions. She posted her blog post here, and here is a direct link to Lex Cosmetics. Her entry is called Inner Fire and I'm pretty sure you'll be hooked on the idea the second you see the pictures and the description of her polish. So yeah, I encourage you to vote here, it's always a fun deal, and I actually think awesome polish could be made!

The second thing I'd like to talk about today is a complete surprise email that I got from Illamasqua's manager Alex today. Remember how I complained about the service in my big Illamasqua haul post? Well, she read it and actually cared enough to take some of her time and say "hey, here's a grumpy customer, lets explain the deal to her". How awesome is that? Seriously, now, people, how many brands that care about their customers so much they'd write an email with explanation do you know? I was so surprised I'd more likely believe I've won the lottery when I started reading the email. It is a great feeling, to know that someone there actually read what I said and wanted to offer me an explanation and did that in a friendly manner, no official rudness or coldness. I didn't think it possible, but I think I love Illamasqua even more now. And here is the explanation, I think it's well deserved to be published, since it shows entire different view on the matter.

/.../ I came across your blog post on our sampling procedure and I thought I would take the time out to explain a little bit more on why this is. 

Basically, we are a young and independent beauty brand and privately owned - the only make-up brand in Selfridges that is privately owned! - and therefore our budget allowances are not as great as some of the bigger companies. 

Before I worked for Illamasqua [I have been here 2.5 years now] I too used to be frustrated by non - sampling brands. However, since joining the company I have realised why this has been the case thus far for Illamasqua. The company is only 2.5 years old and the budgets we had have been used to establish us in a very competitive industry. To create samples, there are several requisites of the supplier that would create these for us. Firstly, a minimum order quantity would be very significant [think tens of thousands], and we just don't have the physical outlets to be able to deploy them all within the best before dates. 

Secondly, we would only be able to do a few shades as the cost is very high and thus we would frustrate those who couldn't get the samples in their preferred shade. 

Good news, though! We have a new foundation launch coming up at the end of June [the first foundation we have launched outside of our core collection] called Skin Base and we have had samples made of every shade, so from June onwards your local counter and online will have these :-)

I of course thank you very much for your support of Illamasqua - it's people like you that love and rave about our products that inspire us to keep making them :-)

Best regards

Alex Cummins
Junior Brand Manager


I don't know about you, but I never really thought about it like that! So, Alex, again, thank you so much for pointing these things out for me, and to all of you, darlings, I can now for sure say, Illamasqua really cares. :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. omg, just remove the blogger cookies :P :D

  2. Lol. Thanks, Sabbatha, worked like a charm. :)

  3. i think i love them even more!
    he was so kind and explained it perfectly. i never thought about like that either.

  4. Thumbs up za Illamasqua "človečke"!!!
    (btw. mislim, da je Alex ženska)

  5. I'm sorry, but this is another rip-off. I know they are just establishing themselves, but come on! they have over-the top priced products which are good, not arguing that, but they are sold all over britain, they must have good sales...and they obviously send bloggers their products. ergo, bloggers are cool as a promotion tool and they are more valuable than me, and I have spent over 100 pounds in their shop, some bloggers haven't spent anything.
    bag was useless. never got a box or anything. I'm furious. ok, rip another one to women, who have everything and have money to spend in their shop. but I'll bet you those get brushes and other stuff with their order. don't give me the crap about expiration date, when you have other things that do not transpire at all. illamasqua is just a cheapskate. expensive cheapskate, which is even worse.
    sorry about the rant, but this is long overdue.