Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Orly - Out of This World

My nail polish guru gave me the new Orly Cosmic FX collection to play with, how cool is that?? :) Since I've been offline for a couple of days, these pictures are few days old, but polish is still nice and shiny on my nails.

The pictures, since the finish deserves more than one:

On the sun it just looks like sparkly purple polish. Do i love? Yes! I didn't capture sparkles quite good, but I tried. Multiply what you see by 100. :D

Inside capture.

FYI - That's coconut oil on my index finger, not dry cuticle! ;)
And the finish that the polish gets when it's not on direct sunlight. It's one of  rare polishes that look tons better inside, the sun kills the effect. It's still very very nice sparkly purple on direct sunlight, but this finish is just amazing! Sadly, it's not as strong as it is in the bottle, bottle looks freakishly insane, don't you think? And since I can't look at my nails whole day long, searching for that light, that will bring the finish into life, that's a bit of a let-down. Nevertheless, I love it, since I love purple, I love sparkle and I love love love the finish when it's there. :) 

All in all this is my first Orly nail polish! I know, what the hell?! There are just too many labels out there that I adore. :) The brush and the bottle are nice,  I love the handle, it applied quite nice. Not the best I have ever tried, but good. I did 3 layers, since two didn't cover quite 100%, but that's just me, i'm a 100% cover freak, two layers will do more than fine. 

Next on the list? Hmmm ... I'm thinking Space Cadet or Halley's Comet. :) Any special wishes? :)


  1. Prekrasan je lak, a i tvoji nokti su prekrasni :)

  2. dupe for the new MAC VV - other is space cadet, if I'm not mistaken. I think that this color goes well with your skintone. And kudos on the state of your cuticles, they are to dye for :)

  3. Lalica & Erzebeth - hvala & thank you! ;) :)

    Lyra, se strinjam, čudovit je, čeprav me je jezil pri odstranjevanju. :D

    Hvala vsem trem za komentar! :)