Sunday, 19 September 2010

Oh no, not another one!

Well, here it is, yet another nail-polish-fanatic claims a bit of internet for showing her nails and seeking understanding from other nail polish freaks that DO know what am i talking about when i say "You know, it looked exactly like OPI's Catherine the Grape," and stuff like that. :)

Nail-polish has been my obsession for a while now, the only thing keeping me from making a blog about it was, that here are so many of them already out there and that i'll hardly come up with something new. But today I could not resist. Here it is.

My weak spots are green, purple, red, holo effect, sometimes blue, sometimes glitter, but in general crazy, unique colours, that I don't get in every other store or in every other collection. And Illamasqua. And my thing is seeking dupes. I don't know why, but the first thing that crosses my mind when i see a bottle of polish is "wheeeeereee have i seen this before?!" If i don't come up with a possible dupe, the polish goes with me (or on my wish list ;)). Hence the pile of nail polish i have and it's still getting bigger and bigger and bigger ...

It's a fun obsession and i do hope you'll have fun reading about it. :)


  1. Ok, I'm your kind of a freak ;)

  2. rrrrrrrrrr nice start. perfect nails, perfect colour. and perfect brand. YOU ROCK, AND I MEAN LIKE QUEEN FIRST FOUR RECORDS ROCK!!!!!!!

  3. Nina, great, my kind of freaks are always welcome here. ;)

    @ EB: Ooo, look who dropped by. :D Thanks, dear. :*