Sunday, 19 September 2010

My thoughts on ... new Misa and Zoya collections

Let me start with Misa and Zoya. Everybody in nail polish world already know about the collections, so i won't lose to much words on the pictures and describing it. I was super excited when I say the bottles of Misa's Spark my Interest. They looked ... sparkly!
When I saw the swatches bitter disappointment came. The colors are cute, yes. But nothing that we haven't seen already. And sparkle? Where? In swatches that I saw (Lacquerized) sparkles are down to a minimum and the whole collection looks kinda ... cheap. My favourite is Date Nights To Twilight, as it will be of many, but nothing that I don't already own or have on WL and that from cheaper labels. From the collection, that includes mainly my colours and it should be sparkly and, well "a must have" for me, there is nothing that I haven't already seen. In better version. With sparkles! And I hate that! I hate it when label goes safe and just follows trends instead creating new ones. Misa gave us Toxic Seduction, so I can't say I didn't have large expectations ... alas, no WOW! reactions from my side.

Zoya's Fire and Ice is, as it seems, on every nail blog. :) The spooning is used now also for teasers, and, my oh my, do those spoons look nice! And sparkly! :)

I'm seriously looking forward to Valerie (the purple one), but Gloria and Tiffany just may be the great surprise for me, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for these three colours. All in all I'm loving Zoya's nail polish. So many of them on my wish list, I don't even dare to count them anymore. It rarely disappoints and I'm looking forward to every new collection they make. 
What are your thoughts on the two labels and collections? Thanks for reading & sharing!


  1. you are just saying that you want the purple one, because Scrangie said the same ;) I'm just kidding, they look amazing. But I still want that Nubar sparkles because Nubar always had easy-to-remove sparkles. That is essential. On the other hand, Zoyas were always easy to apply and remove, too. Dillema? Not exactly, I can see myself buying them all :D

  2. Hehehe, I see you buying them all too. ;) :D I love Zoya, so I think this will be a win-win collection. At least I hope! Three of the colours look really promising on the spoons, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Although I really don't need any more polish on my WL. ;)