Monday, 27 September 2010

MAC Venomous Villains vs. Orly Cosmic FX comparison - the bottles

Well, look what new toys I've got today to play with! :D The famous Venomous Villains collection done by MAC! Frankly, MAC is one of the labels in nail-polish world that I always found overrated - never have I seen colour made by them that would catch my eye. Untill Venomous Villains pictures came out. I thought: whoa, finally something worth buying! And then of course the Cosmic FX collection came out by Orly and the dupes were quite obvious. 
I really wanted to do comparison on my nails today, but the lighting today is even more shitty than the lighting I had when I swached Space Cadet, so alas only the bottles, since I couldn't wait till tomorrow (when, hopefully, weather will be cured from the hangover it's having today, as it seems). 

Here they are, the bottles!

MAC Mean & Green vs. Orly Space Cadet - inside capture.

Orly Galaxy Girl vs. MAC Formidable! - inside capture.

Orly Galaxy Girl vs. MAC Formidable! - outside, on the rain -.-
Orly Space Cadet vs. MAC Mean & Green - outside, no rain, just dead weather. -.-

Group picture - with flash.

Group picture - without flash. 

It looks like a factory made the two polishes and went: "one spoon for Orly, one spoon for MAC, one spoon for Orly again and another one for MAC" etc. In the bottles polishes look identical. Can't wait to try them on my nails. I suspect it will be the same colour, but I'm wondering if the brushes by MAC are better, or the removing of the polish a minor PITA. Basically,  I'm looking for a reason for the fanatism around MAC polish, these are my first MACs. :) 

As for my mark on the pictures, I'm asking for a bit of patience, I'm trying to figure out "the" signature, but since I want some magic around it, I'll need to get someone to do it for me or something. We'll see. :)) Anyway, I'm really excited about this trio of MACs, can't wait to try them on, to see what's the big deal. :)) Huge thanks to my nail-polish guru, you're the best! *hugs*


  1. Aaaa, katere lake imaš! *very jealous*

  2. Moram nekako dobiti Bad fairy!

  3. Tile laki so potrebni za preživetje! :O Kje si jih dobila?

  4. Dobila sem jih za primerjavo od kolegice (moj znani nail-polish guru :)), tako da niso moji, ona jih je pa dobila v tujini, samo se ne spomnim točno v kateri državi ... vseeno, ko poswacham še Bad Fairy, bom napisala svoje ne preveč dobro mnenje o kompletku. Formidable! barva mi sploh ni všeč, Mean&Green bom raje kupila v obliki Space Cadeta, ker je cenejši in več ga dobim, Bad Fairy moram pa dat še na noht, morda je edina res vredna vsega pompa okoli trojice. :)

    Pa hvala vsem trem za komentarje!:)

  5. I recently picked up the 3 MAC polishes, I'm thinking about picking up the Orly just to compare! Thanks for this post, very awesome :D

  6. Hey Steph!
    It's my pleasure, I'm glad you liked the comparison. :) Thanks for the comment! :)