Thursday, 30 September 2010

China Glaze - Wagon Trail

Hei hei! I never know how to start a post ... Today I have for you my NOTD, and it's not from Cosmic FX collection, because I really need a break from it. It's unbelievable bitchy to remove and my cuticles were already getting seriously grumpy from all the soaking in polish remover I put them through. And I was dying to try some more China Glaze polishes that  are hiding in that shoe box, full of goodies. :) And I went with beautiful Wagon Trail. 

 It's dark olive colour, but has tiny shimmer, so it's not creme.

 On direct sunlight it's olive colour ON FIRE! It's amazing, really wonderful.

I know this is super-blurry, but the sparkles on my ring and little finger came out on this photo and I just really wanted to show it to you. IRL it has more shimmer, and the subtle play of it is obvious even out of direct sunlight.

DUDE! Du-de! Check out this colour, ch-eck o-ut this co-lo-dude!! I love it, love it! I need this in buckets, in gallons, seriously! I'm totally in love with it. 

What do you think? Your type of colour or ney? :)


  1. Obožujem vse olivasto. Tale je krasen.

  2. Lepa barva. :)

    Na mojem blogu te čakata dve nagradi:

  3. Mijav! Že dolgo na mojem wish listu.

  4. Jap, res je čudovit odtenek, ne vem, kako ga bom spravila z nohtov. :D

    Taya, hvala!! Bom zdajle spravila v post. :)