Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Orly - Halley's Comet

I decided to go with Halley's Comet. I felt like wearing something greenish (as usual), although the main colour in Halley's Comet in the bottle seems to be blue. It's a fantastic colour, I absolutely adore it. It is my first of the kind, so I have the right to be over the Moon about it. ;)

Outside, on the sun it looks bright sparkly blue.

On the inside capture you can already see the finish that nail-polish in the bottle claims to have.

This is how the colour looks most of the time. Perhaps you'll need to enlarge the picture to see the pure awesomeness of it. It's more of a green colour than blue, thanks to the shimmer. And it's gorgeous!
Another one with finish, just because it's so effing nice. :) 

Now ... are you thinking what I'm thinking? Zoya Charla, O.P.I. Catch Me In Your Net, hell, even Essence is getting one like this out in the Fall collection. Scrangie already did the comparisons, saying that Orly is the greenest, so that's FTW in my book. But I think that one of this colour is quite enough, unless you'll get all fanatical on the colour and will want all the shades of it (which is totally understandable, I do it with green all the time). 
I generally really do not like when companies copy shades from each other, especially when it's done in such short period of time. So basically the only good thing that I see in this duplicating is, that you can really pick your favourite nail-polish company for this colour. Or the cheapest, Essence will cost you only around 2 euros, which is laughable in our neck of the woods, where OPI goes for 12€ and Zoya up to 13€. I love Orlys handle, and the bottle has like tone of nail-polish in it, freaking 18 ml. I also had absolutely no trouble applying Halley, it was so easy and smooth, much easier than Out Of This World. I did three coats, and it dried really fast, I did Seche Vite on top just to be sure that it would last. 

What do you think? Do you have Zoya or OPI to compare Halley with? Do you like the colour or does the fanatism around it baffle you? Do tell. :) Next on the list will probably be Space Cadet.


  1. yep, it's despicable, this copying. usually I'm not that sensitive, but I've bought 3 MACs VV and they are dupes of this Orly collection :""""(
    if you ask me, I would always choose Orly over Essence. I've bought Orly for 5 dollars on TransDesign (yes, lucky me - week after they were 10 dollars) and I'm happy as a radio.
    And also, I do not think I have a dupe among my OPIs. This is more glass-like effect, similar to Charla. Very sparkly.

  2. Yeah, I agree, I'm not too crazy about Essence nail-polish, I prefer other brands. I just don't dig their system of constant LE and the brand itself.
    And MAC ... I still think their nail polish is overrated, don't know what the big fuss about them is. The VV really looked promising, though. Too bad.

  3. UUu sparkly :D Všeč mi je!

  4. Prekrasan je ovaj lak :)

    Ja imam Zoya Charlu ali teško ih je ovako usporedit jer Charla ispada ovako na slikama ali uživo je boja više zelena nego plava.