Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mini haul

And how have you been on this sunny day? I'm busy, but I'm gonna post the Space Cadet vs. Mean & Green comaprison today, because I can't stand Galaxy Girl/Formidable! on my nails. I was actually planning on posting the haul yesterday, but got so caught up in fixing the pictures in blogger I forgot about it.

My mini haul of the week:

Catrice - London Weather Forecast and It Blue My Mind. MNY is only a number: 761, and I has been on my WL for quite a while now, so yay! :) London one never seemed so awesome and I never got into all worshiping of the shade - i'm not a grey fan - but my nail-polish guru said I should try it, that it's a really cool colour. And basically she's never wrong about me liking a colour, so yeah, I have it now. 

MNY 761 reminds me greatly of CG Guissed Up Green, I need to do a comparison between them. 
And I'm only three Catrice colours away from owning all that I like in their collection. Until new ones come, at least. :)

Oh, and I changed the colour of the blog, what do you think? All the whiteness of it hurt my eyes yesterday, when I was staring at the monitor for an hour, I think this colour scheme is better. :) I left the leaves, because I'm hoping for Miss autumn to drop by as soon as possible, our forest still looks too green for an end of September. :)


  1. Sem že hotela včeraj komentirat spremenjen videz bloga, potem pa pozabila... Super je!

    Ta MNY lak ni na voljo pri nas ne?

  2. Ne, žal ne. Če ti bo všeč tudi na swatchih, ti ga lahko zrihtam, možno, da bom naslednjič tudi sama na Dunaju, kolegica bo pa zagotovo dokaj redno gor. :)