Friday, 24 September 2010

My thoughts on ... BB Couture Infamous Lovers - The Men


Nina asked me what about men in the entry about the Ladies part of collection. I didn't have time to search for Men untill now, and here they are:
Clyde ~ bright green
Adam ~ grown brown
Romeo ~ red pink
Anthony ~ blue green
Michael ~ purple blue
John Smith ~ tan

I adore Clyde (no surprise there, eh?), hate Adam, love Romeo, like Anthony, can't decide if i love or hate Michel and kinda like John Smith. 
I watched swatches here, thank ladybuglexus!

Hmmmm ... I think they did a better job with the Ladies. I can't really say I hate any of them, but Adam overhere makes me go eeeeeeeeeeww, really not my colour. I'm also curious if Clyde is dupe of RBL Recycle or Illamasqua's Rampage ... it's a gorgeous green creme, don't get me wrong, but I think that I need at least 10 other BB Couture greens before I get to this one. :D John Smith reminds me greatly of RBL Opaque Nude (on ladybug's picture colour seems almost white, but I've stumbled upon picture where it looks like Opaque Nude) and that's one of rare nude colours that I want. You know, for "must-have-discreet-nail-colour" situations. Anthony doesn't seem too original to me, but is a nice bluish colour. I love Romeo, it's a totally cute colour, I'd grab it in a second. And for Michael ... man, I don't know! It looks like that kind of colour that just looks a bit weird on pictures but is amazing on the nails! I totally want to try it on my nails. Because I have this feeling it's a freakshly awesome colour, but on swatches it looks just ... "promising". 

All  in all I loooooove the idea behind the collection, and I think both parts make one of the best collections this Fall has introduced. And what do you think? Which men and ladies will you be taking home? :)


  1. O, sta skromni! Jaz bi tri zagotovo, Michaela pa zato, da končno ugotovim, ali mi je všeč ali ne. :D

  2. Js bi pa vse, ja tudi Adama. :shy: