Thursday, 23 September 2010

My thoughts on ... BB Couture Infamous Lovers - The Ladies
Just when I thought my WL will stand for at least a couple of days, this showed up. I haven't even known that this collection was coming out! Ugh! Scrangie already did the swatches and of course I fell in love with two of them. Bonnie (the green one) and Cleopatra (the bluish one), about Eve I'm not so sure. Scrangie says it's murky-olive green, but I just don't see it, it looks brown to me. And there are just few browns that I like. Pocahontas just might be one of them, it looks a bit purple toned and has speckles of glitter or shimmer or something. I can see tons of people just worshiping Juliet.

Frankly, BB Couture is in my opinion unbelievable brand. They have tons, and I mean tons of green nail-polish and all of them are unique. Not just that they don't duplicate themselves (sure, some look similar, but when you put them together, you see the differences - and yes, this is green nail-polish junkie talking, I can see two specks of glitter making a difference!) but they are also not duplicating other brands! For me that's a total success, BB Couture has climbed enormously high on my scale of brands.

This collection is no exception, awesome green, awesome blue - and I'm not a blue lover - and all the others seem really nice to. Again no disappointment form BB Couture. And no Charla look-a-likes, yay!

And what do you think about the collection? Like/dislike/omg-i-need-them-all-in-my-life-right-now? :) 


  1. They are killing me. I'm trying to convince myself I don't want them. Yeah ... good luck with that.

  2. Takoj ko sem videla post od Scrangie, sem že dodala skoraj vse na wish list! Agrhhh... :D

  3. Jaz pa "samo" Bonnie in Eve. Bravo jaz. TODA: kaj pa moški?

  4. Nina, I've tried that so many times and failed every single time, I just put them on my WL, ignoring the number next to it. :D And Men have already been judged in todays post. ;) :D

    Biba, mene bodo tele jesenske kolekcije čisto obrale, pa še pomladnih nisem pofočkala. :D