Saturday, 25 September 2010

Orly - Space Cadet

My third mani with Cosmic FX collection is the absolute winner of it, Space Cadet. Examing the bottles I don't think the last three can be more awesome than this one. The praise that Space Cadet is getting is totally justified in my opinion. It's soooo gorgeous! I imagine Nubar's Stardust to have similar finish and play with colours. I'm not saying they are dupes, because I only saw swatches of Stardust done by Scrangie, but I thought of it while taking pictures of Space Cadet. 
Pictures are the way they are because the weather in Ljubljana is oh so gray and dead and gloomy and not picture-friendly.  But I actually think this is great light for this collection. A proof that it actually is Fall collection! I mean, who stands on the sun whole day long? Not me. In this kind of light the effect is insanely good. But I also think that Space Cadet is far more intense than Out Of This World, so maybe it doesn't have to do much with the lighting. And for my cuticles - the rainy weather usually really dries them up, I'm soaking them in oil half of the day. :/



Totally awesome multichrome effect.

This is 4 coats. I found Space Cadet a bit more sheer than Halley's Comet and Out Of This World. But remember, 100% cover freak talking here. Oh, and FYI - Halley's Comet is a total PITA to remove! My nails were blue! Actually the entire collection is hard to remove, all the little glitter ... still, at least Space Cadet will totally be worth it. 

Your thoughts on Space Cadet? :) Oh, and those who have Zoya's Charla or OPI's Catch Me In Your Net - do those two also stain and are so hard to remove? 

Thanks for reading & have a flood-free weekend!


  1. Ojej, modro ti je obarval nohte Halley's Comet? Jaz pri Charli nisem imela težav, ampak je res, da sem nanesla 2 plasti podlaka.
    Mi pa je Milani Totally Cool, kljub podlaku obarval nohte rdeče :S

  2. Prvič se mi je to zgodilo, pa sem imela že nekaj modrih lakov na sebi, me je precej presenetilo. Potem sem s čisto vatko šla še enkrat čez vse nohte, pa je mičkeno bolje, ampak modra lisa je še zmer prisotna na vseh nohtih. Zelo grdo, zelo moteče. Bom poskusila še s podlakom.
    Zanimivo, pri meni se je Totally Cool obnašal zelo lepo pa sem ga 4 plasti napleskala na nohte in imela gor 3 ali 4 dneve ...

  3. Zanimivo...
    Tudi jaz sem imela 4 plasti Totally Cool na nohtih in sem bila že zaradi tega malo razočarana, zaradi rdečih nohtov potem pa še toliko bolj.