Saturday, 2 April 2011

Red comparison week - 6th day: *the* sexy reds: 4

Heya guys! How are you? On this beautiful day I'm getting a terrible headache, yes! I guess I'll need some pills, since I just cannot miss another day of studying. Oh, we're fresh out of painkillers. Hooray. Anyway. Today I have for you my favourite type of reds. Yes, they even beat vampy and blood reds, they're just so damn good. These are little bottles of sex. If you want to feel sexy, just put them on, you can have old jeans and a streched out T-shirt of a band you don't even like anymore on you and still you'll feel like a million bucks. I don't really know if it's the shimmer, ot the gorgeous base colour, I don't know where do they look better, on the sun or in the shadow, but whenever I look at my nails wearing them, they're are hot-t-t!

Isla, 2009 Zoya Truth or Dare Collection for Fall, the Truth part of the collection.
Lying Nails, Sinful Colors, alas no info on any collection with this one.
Torrid Red, 2010 Nubar Risque Reds Collection for Spring. 
Colbie, 2008 Zoya Pulse and Vibe Collection for Fall, the Pulse part of the collection.


Boy oh boy oh boy! Such awesome, awesome reds! *dreamy sigh* Ok, anyway ... you know the drill:

All three brands are B3F! Yay! 

Brush: Again, all three brands with very nice brushes. Zoya and Nubar are of course top of the tops when it comes to the brush and I also like the Sinful one. Very normal brush, but it doesn't give you any troubles, and that's what matters!

Coats: All are two coaters, but I put three on Sinful, due to VNL. Although it was minimal, I wanted the 100% coverage. But two are more than enough. Application is smooth and easy, Sinful is runnier and far less pigmented, but the colour bulids up eventually. Zoya and Nubar didn't give me any troubles at all, but I didn't expect any troubles either, since I worship Torried Red and Isla, Isla is one of my most used varnishes of my stash. 

Dupability: No dupes! Need them all! Oh yes! Colbie is the brownest of them all, Torrid Red the darkest red, Lying nails the lightest, almost a true red with the sexy shimmer for more oomph. I *adore* these colours on natural light. Soooo soft and velvety. Isla is mine, but the other three go to my "urgent" WL. Well, Torrid Red is already there, of course. Really loved these, especially since they're so easy to work with. 

What do you think about this set? What kind of red is your "sexy" red? :) 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Nubar torrid red... would be my kinda red :D

  2. So, what is your all-time favorite red polish? Loved seeing all your red comparisons! :)

  3. The sexy reds, yay! Zoya Isla is hot. ^^

  4. CopyCat - oh yes, mine too. :D

    Natalie ... hm, I think the battle still remains between Isla and Torrid Red ... they are just too perfect, both of them. :) Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) Two more to go! :)

    AmyGrace, it sure is! :D

    Thank you for your comments!

  5. Lying nails mi se cini kao must have :)

  6. res so hooooot =). Najbolj hot od vseh zgoraj naštetih mi je pa Zoya Colbie =). Drugače sem se pa že dolgo slinila po CG Shorrt & Sassy =).

  7. Lendoxia, meni se svi ćine kao must have, to je i problem. :/ ;)

    colorfulbottle, o ja, Short&Sassy je tudi na moji WL že milijon let, zakon seksi barva. :D

    Hvala za komentarja!