Thursday, 14 April 2011

H&M - Hunt Me Down

I miss blogging so much I'm just going to post another one, and yes, I should be studying right now. But the storm is coming, I got lovely haircut today (finally healthy hair without split ends!) and lunch with Tevta, so I'm in a totally awesome mood. :)

Hunt me down was a love at first sight for me. I'm not sure on whose blog I saw it for the first time, but when I did, I just knew I have to have it. Kaneli was so incredibly nice that she sent it to me along with Depends, thank you, dear! :) You may have already noticed I'm not really big on high end brands like Chanel, Dior, Lancome and so on ... I think they're terribly overpriced and don't bring it for that kind of money - the colours don't seem unique enough for me to spend that kind amount of money for them, unlike some Deborah Lippman glitters, that I actually would spend major coins on them. That's only my honest opinion and I know there is a lot of you Chanel ladies out there and trust me, I love seeing your swatches of them. :) Maybe I'd change my mind on spending money on them if I actually could afford it. :) But anyway, where am I going with this is - Chanel Khaki Vert was probably the only Chanel I'd spend the full price on. It was beyond awesome. Luckily there are already dupes out there, and Hunt Me Down gets close enough to Khaki Vert IMO. Lets see the pictures. 

 See the little green flower reflection of our window in the handle? My little sister made it in school. :)

These are all natural light, the difference in the shades is due to the fact that some are taken out in the open and others inside our house. So this polish changes a bit the intensity of green colour, depending on the lightning. I adore it either way, so I don't mind that. :)

Aside from the really gorgeous colour this polish isn't really my favourite. This polish is a Diva with a big "D". Application was very Mint Candy Apple like, perhaps even worse, but luckily i managed to sort it out with a very thick second coat. Thank Lord it didn't bubble because of it. The first coat is an utter disaster. I was sure I'll need at least three coats. Maybe I just got lucky with two, mind you, the second one was thicker. Speed of drying repays for the weird formula though. It dried with the speed of Anchors Away Glazes, so this was actually without TC! Yes, this is how glossy it gets, I couldn't save the pictures to have less reflection in them, I'm sorry. 
Another thing that bothered me even more than the weird formula was the incredibly awkward shape of the handle. I can deal with many shapes of the handle and I'm not really picky about it, but this wide, flat square almost made me drop the handle a few times! There is no way you can change the position of the handle in your hand without putting it back in the polish, and the entire movement is very minimal, I moved mostly my fingers only. I have no idea what were they thinking with this design. I don't even think it's pretty (and if it's pretty, I forgive a lot of stuff about the polish bottle), it just looks huge and clumsy and cheap with the giant plastic cup. 

So yes ... gorgeous (!!) colour, weird formula, yet opaque in two coats and extremely glossy with a disasterous bottle shape. You figure it out. :D I have mixed feelings about the whole deal, but frankly, for a colour such as this one, I'll suffer through the rest for the end result! I hope the Chanel formula brings it much better for that amount of money! :D

What do you think about Hunt Me Down? Your thoughts about the formula and bottle design? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Yes, gorgeous colour :) I'm expecting a very similar one in a swap.. :)

  2. I got this one last month but haven't tried it yet. I'm quite surprised with the quality of H&M polishes to be honest :)

  3. That looks gorgeous on you, girl!
    About the H&M bottle caps: crap caps. Seriously. Luckily the colour is awesome. =)

  4. Zadnje čase so mi vse bolj všeč taki zeleni odtenki. Sem ravno nekaj dni nazaj dobila American Apparel Army Jacket in mi je noro všeč (le nanos malo manj).

  5. gorgoeous color!! this would actually be my everyday wear.

  6. Congrats on getting the colour! It looks great on you, and I agree - the colour is stunning, but the bottle and formula is horrible. I've stopped buying H&M in the new bottles, and it's annoying since there are a few colours I would love to get, but the price is almost the same as Gosh and their caps are *so* much better. It really doesn't make sense, this design - their limited collections are in 100 other kinds of design, why do this have to be their regular line?! The limited collections are cheaper, too, usually around half the price for the same amount. LOL I could go on complaining about this design, but I'll spare you and your readers for more! :)

    I completely agree with you regarding expensive brands, although sometimes I can't help myself and I buy them. I guess it's sort of an itch if I have money in my pocket and need a polish fix, LOL! I do have to be amazed by the colour to spend, though, which is happening less and less, as my collection grows bigger and other brands are getting the hint of what's popular.

    Whoa, sorry for the wall of text! :)

  7. Never mind the formula and other disasters, you must forgive it all when it comes to such an awesome color!

  8. Thank you all for your comments! Hvala vsem za komentarje!

    ritterbraten - awesome, these kind of colours are one of my favourites ever. :)

    MissA* I'm glad you like their quality. :)

    AmyGrace, thank you, dear! And I totally agree. For this kind of colour I can forgive lots of stuff though. :D

    Biba, ooooooooo, Army Jacket!! Komaj čakam tvoje slikice, verjetno bom kar umrla ko ga bom videla na tvojih popolnih nohtih! Army Jacket je eden od mojih lemmingov, itak. :D

    Silence is Loud, I agree, I think this could easily pass as my "go to" colour, since the crappy formula does even up in two coats and it dries super fast, not to mention it's a neutral and yet chic colour.

    Jette Fromm, don't worry, darling, I love comments, especially long ones. :) And I'm surprised by what you're telling me! We don't have the major choice of H&M polish so I had no idea it's such a chaos. I see a lot of bottle shapes on nailpolish blogsphere, but I thought there was a point behind it. :D And yes, this is probably the worst they could do ... but I can suffer throgh a lot for a perfect colour, and this one really is perfection.
    Hehe, I understand the polish fix need. :D I'm craving some Deborah Lippman polishes for sure, and those are expensive as hell. Not to mention BB Couture - I have to pay major shipping costs for two bottles, so they are right up there with Lippman for me. :(

    Stickers, amen! :D

  9. Hi! I hope you will enter my Disney nail art contest ;)