Monday, 4 April 2011

Red comparison week - 8th day: red glitters: 6

The last one. I saved this one to be the final comparison, because who doesn't love red glitter on their nails? To finish the comparison week with a bit of oomph. ;) This week has been a lot of work, I won't deny it. Perhaps also  because I'm running out of time like crazy lately and an obligation to post every day has become very hard to keep, since I'm well into my study phase. I should be, at least. March is always tricky when it comes to studying for me, since it's my birthday month and so on. But nevertheless, it was a fun comparison. I found a bunch of polish that I want and a couple of dupes that helped me erase some names off the WL. I owe major thanks to Tevta, for letting me play with her reds - withough her gorgeous stash this wouldn't be half as big, since more than half of polish I was comparing is hers! So yes, thank you, hun. :) And now to the glitters! You'll see the pattern, group picture, natural light, direct sunlight, separate natural light, direct sunlight, and of course a video.

 Sparkle check, only with right hand, sorry.

If you enlarge this one, you'll see the difference in density of glitter between Fairy Blood and Ruby Pumps. And the difference between coverage of Red Glitter and Fire Sparkle. So I recommend it. ;)

Again thanks to my mom for helping me out with these. Here she already mastered the camera. Kind of. :D

Fairy Blood, BB Couture, don't think it came out in collection, and has collection covered pretty well. 
Ruby Pumps, China Glaze, originally 2001 collection, rereleased in 2008 Holiday Collection Sleigh Ride and 2009 collection Wizard of Ohh Ahz returns. Not that it matters much, it's a part of ChG classic range.
Red Glitter, Barry M. Don't think Barry M releases collections ... at least I didn't find any info on that.
Fire Sparkle, Nubar, 2010 Spring Collection.
Don't Toy With Me, O.P.I., 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection.
Glam, Orly, part of their classic range.

All 6 brands have B3F formula, yay!

Brush: do you get tired of listening how i didn't have any troubles with the brush? Well, I really didn't. Nubar, China Glaze, OP.I. (even minis), Orly, and of course BB Couture have perfect brushes, and I really think so. Barry M was my first one to try out, and I liked the brush, application not so much.

Coats: I managed to do two coats with all of them, except Ruby Pumps needed three and Barry M needs at least four - the pictures are with four coats, and you can easily see my nails especially at the end of the nail. So perhaps it's better to layer it. BB Couture of course made me fall in love with it all over again, since the application was flawless and sooo easy! Ruby Pumps it's a classic, have no troubles with it, Nubar actually surprised me, as I had in my memory that it's a three coater ... Glam still is right there with Ruby Pumps in my book, I actually love it even more. And Don't toy with me is still one of my biggest lemmings in O.P.I. department, it went right there to top 3 after I've finally gotten Catherine The Grape. Barry M ... like I said, more of a layering glitter. The formula is very goopy, like with not so great glitters (and Illamasqua's Harsh, actually!), it also dries the roughest, it would need three coats of TC added to be smooth, and frankly, I didn't have the time to do that.
Oh yes, all of them have Nfo Oh Ultra Shine top coat added, because these beauties deserve smooth surface! I added two only to Fire Sparkle and Barry M. 

Dupability: No dupes! Perhaps Red Glitter and Fire Sparkle seem close, but trust me, the gap in quality and opacity of both glitters is wide enough to buy Fire Sparkle. Mind you - Barry M Red Glitter is glitter in clear base, so if you're looking for a layering glitter that doesn't change base colour, go with Barry M! Fire Sparkle has a red base color. 
Fairy Blood is super jelly like, and I woooorship it for that! It has far less glitter than Ruby Pumps, but I don't mind that. Don't Toy With Me is the purpliest, of course and Glam the darkest. To keep it short: I need them all, except Barry M, as I'm not really fond of these kind of glitters.

There you have it! The end of the comparison week! Hope you guys liked it! Tell me how you feel about red glitters, love them, like them, hate them, aren't your favourites, shut-up-Ulmiel-I-can't-decide? :) 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thanks for this post! There are so many red glitters out there it can be really hard to know how different they are from each other!

  2. I really enjoyed your comparison week! Great idea, lots of effort... I just hope you'll do some other colors,since I'm not fond of reds.
    Blue week, green week! Please! ;)

  3. glede na to, da imam rada rdeče lake, se ne morem nagledati vseh teh prepih lakov in fotografij. Hvala, Ulmiel, za tako nazorne primerjave. Veliko lakov, o katerih pišeš že imam, kakšnega bi pa še z veseljem imela. Super prispevki!

  4. Hi, I'm a new follower. Loving all the red posts, especially the glitters. I have OPI's Don't Toy with Me and I love it too! :)

  5. Varnish Vixen, I'm glad you find it useful!

    Stickers, thank you. :) Haha, I think between me and Tevta we have hundred greens at least, and she alone has well over a hundred blues. Don't make me do that, please. :D But seriously, I wouldn't mind doing another colour comparison week, but a few months later, since now I really must hit the books, and these comparisons do take some time. :)

    Mamy, hvala za tako lep komentar! :) Zelo sem vesela, da se ti dopadejo, pri primerjavah si še toliko bolj želim, da so slike uporabne in polne detajlov. :)

    Vita, hello and welcome to my blog! :) I'm glad you like it! Oh, Don't Toy with Me, such a gorgeous colour!

    Thank you for the comments!/Hvala za komentarje!

  6. Plain and simple! I like your work!

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  7. OMG THANKYOU THANKYOU! I really needed this! I'm going to Vegas and wanted the perfect red for my nails and toes! Thanks so much!!