Sunday, 10 April 2011

Finger Paints - Hue Rang?

Evening people! How are you doing? Hope you had a nice Sunday and wonderful weekend. Me ... I had a very hard weekend, speaking emotionally. So my studies are on hold this weekend. I'm just so tired from the shocks and stress. I'll have to be extra good next week! But you don't come here to get troubled with my whining, so lets go to the nail polish! 
Maybe you've already noticed, I added another little thingie on Did someone say nail polish? - a lil' window I call 'ATM mani'. I don't know how useful or interesting or fun you find that, but I decided to put it on mainly because I actually feel good if I wear a colour more than once and I realized in the pass few days I'm neglecting some really wonderful colours in my stash and I'd love to wear them more often, yet I do not wish to post same pictures of manicures on my blog. That's why I'll post it on the right side, if you find it interesting enough or find the colour good and wish to read more about it, you can always click on the picture and read about the polish.  :)

But to todays post. Another one from MLB swap, again a polish label I've tried for the first time. Finger Paints (that have a very cute collection coming out, I'd say from the promo pics!), a greyed purple, last picture also with Wet'n'wild Cheers on  my ring finger and a proof of how much did Hue Rang? bubble. 

All pictures are natural light, without TC. The first three were taken right after applying the polish so the surface is nice and smooth. The last one was taken the next day, I did a quick shot, because I was curious about Cheers combination. Hue Rang? started bubbling around 15 minutes after applying it and I have no idea why. The amount of bubbling is incredible, seriously hardcore bubbling, you know, not just a bubble here and there. I'm thinking I did the last layer to thick or something? I'll give it another chance some time later, since I really like the colour. It's milka colour, but because of the fine silver shimmer it looks greyed out. Or silvered out? I don't know, either way it looks greyed out to me and I love it. It wasn't hard to apply or anything, I'm putting Finger Paints on my radar as a good brand, if I'll get it to apply without bubbling anyway. Maybe it's just this colour, I don't know. I wish it hasn't bubbled, like I said, I think the colour is lovely. 

This was two coats, brush is nice, but the polish is rather thick - that's why I'm thinking my second layer was to thick, hence the bubbling. But suprisingly this one dried extremely fast, like really. After I already thought it's dry, the bubbling started. 

What do you think about the colour? How do you cope with bubbles on your polish? Remove it, put TC on it, or ignore it? What do you think about my ATM mani window, yey or ney?

Thank you for reading!


  1. LOVE the atm box! Great idea :)

    I haven't tried my Fingerpaints yet, but I hope they're not bubbly as this one - I can't stand them :( I usually try to save it with topcoat if I'm otherwise satisfied, but if it still looks wonky, I redo the mani (when I have the time).

  2. This is really pretty on you. I have fingerpaints but dont love love love them, you know!

  3. That is pretty. Kind of reminds me of ChG Tempest. I have liked FingerPaints for years and really don't have much problem with bubbles.

  4. yay za sve :)prekrasna sivoljubicasta

  5. Ful lepo, pa všeč mi je glitter sam na enem nohtu, luškano <3


  6. Jette Fromm, thanks! :) It makes me feel better, lol. :D Well, I also hope this one was an exception, since I *hate* bubbles too. :/

    Toesthattwinkle, yes, I feel like Finger PAints get mixed feelings around the blogsphere.

    For me, It Works ... great, I'm glad they're not all bubbly!

    Lendoxia, hvala ti! :)

    Summer, hvala. :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!