Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy Birthday, Professor!

Hey people! A short one today, I don't have much time. But it's a very special day today, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien would celebrate his 120th birthday today! As my regular readers have already noticed, Tolkien means a lot to me and I'm a complete fantasy geek.

We're celebrating his birthday today with our Tolkien Society, as every year, and of course I needed to do a mani just for my favourite Professor on the planet. I wanted something green again, but this year I wanted it to be mossy green. I planned to top it with mossy glitter, to bring in the extra bling, but to my great surprise China Glaze It's Alive is so opaque, it looks like I'm wearing it alone, not over Zoya Dree. 

And these are REALLY thin coats of It's Alive! When I took a closer look I could see Dree peeking through, but apparently it's such a good base colour for It's Alive, it blends right in. Anyway ... this reminds me of mossy forest ground, with forest being a bit gloomy. I didn't want to take typical forest green, just to keep it more interesting. Plus, It's Alive is probably my favourite polish of this year. One of them, at least.

Anyway. Tolkien gave me so much with the world he created. Happy birthday, Professor! Wherever you are, hope you are well and happy.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Wow, I really like that! I saw it in the store, but didn't know if I would like it? I will have to pick it up next time :)

  2. LOVE both of these polishes, but it's alive is so gorgeous and unique.. obsessed completely.

  3. What a fantastic and meaningful post! Very poetic. I love that books and movies allow us to have this special world.

    "...120th birthday..." When I read this, I read it as Bilbo Baggins says it in the movie with a slight stammer. (Except he says 111th)

  4. Congratulations to JRR! I wish I could celebrate with watching The Hobbit, but... yeah, it's not out yet. :(

    Lovely manicure on lovely nails!

  5. Tolkien! Tolkien and a gorgeous nail polish! Can't wait for Hobbit to come out, yikes. Just finished watching LOTR trilogy for 10-th time I think :)

  6. It's Alive je perfect! Tudi jaz sem takoj pomislila na gozna tla ...
    Sploh ne dvomim, da ste imeli lepo praznovanje!

  7. eh, da je bar još živ pa da nas podari još kojim fantastičnim naslovom :-(
    a it's alive je savršen, ja sam ga nosila samog i stvarno dobro prekriva... zaljubila sam se u njega na prvi pogled *.*

  8. I love LOTR... I really hope he knew how many hearts he touched with his books =)

  9. Thank you ladies, your your comments! :) Ah, yes, the celebration was awesome, even my cough gave me a break for a while.
    Tolkien truly did an amazing work of art.

  10. Love that nail color! Ive actually been following your blog for several months now and just wanted to leave a comment to say hi! Maybe you could check my blog out sometime soon!